The Prague Beer Museum

The Prague Beer MuseumNick and I hit the road on the day after Thanksgiving for a weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s not a far drive from our home, and we found a good deal on a hotel in the old town. We were able to park our car (for a small price) and walk everywhere we wanted to go for our two days in Prague, including the Prague Beer Museum.

Don’t let the name mislead you: the Prague Beer Museum isn’t actually a museum. Instead, it’s a small, dimly lit pub that seats oh…25 people or so. We found a table near the back, gave Small Shaw a bottle and swaddled her in Nick’s jacket while she slept. And while she slept, we each tasted a flight of five Czech beers.

In my determination to write a really fantastic post for you about our afternoon at the Czech Beer Museum, I diligently took notes on each of the beers in our flights. Sadly, I have no idea where I put my notes. The short story is that we liked some of the beers we tried, and others were like downing cough medicine.

For instance: Although there are very few flavors on this earth that I absolutely can’t stand, black  licorice is one of them. I’m fairly certain that they brewed one of those beer in a vat of black licorice. We each had at least one beer in our respective flight that we simply couldn’t finish.

We negotiated trades to avoid insulting the wait staff: I drank a pretty bitter red for Nick and he finished the black licorice beer for me. We liked some of the beers on the menu, but didn’t find any that we’d go out of our way to search for again.

If you enjoy trying new beer and you find yourself in Prague, the Beer Museum is a good place to knock out a bulk tasting in a single sitting. Have you been there? What did you think? Are there any other Prague beer pubs you’d recommend we try if we make it back there?

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  1. I can’t express how much I would love a half decent beer! Beer here instead much to speak of and that includes the stuff at the px.

  2. Kara, I remember how bad the beer was in Asia. I enjoyed experiencing Taiwanese traditions, but there wasn’t a single Asian beer I tried that I’d seek out again now. What kind of beer do you like?

    • Yeah, the beer here is like beer flavored water. I refuse to drink it….

      I’m a Vermont Craft beer snob, lol. I like most ales & lagers. I like fruity beers, but real fruit, not anything sweet or artificial. I don’t like anything bitter, IPA’s or anything too hoppy. I also really like heffeweisen, and some stouts and porters.

      If I could just get some Magic Hat at the PX I’d be ::so happy::.

  3. I wish I liked beer! I’ve tried many flavors and they all made me gag.

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