Postpartum Half Marathon Training


The first two weeks of my postpartum half marathon training were going well when, five miles (or so) into a seven mile long run that wrapped up Week 2, something happened…

There’s a protein hormone called relaxin that’s an important part of pregnancy. Relaxin allows the pregnant woman’s joints to become flexible enough to withstand the necessary widening of hips and ribs for carrying and giving birth to a baby.

Unfortunately, relaxin can be a real booger for the joints in your body (like my right ankle) that don’t need to become more flexible during pregnancy but do anyway. Relaxin shows no favorites. It has no jointly prejudices. It gets all up in all ‘dem joints.

So, as I rapidly (okay, not so rapidly…but at a respectable pace for 4 months postpartum with a jogging stroller*) approached a narrowing of the sidewalk where the stroller wasn’t going to fit, I moved from the sidewalk to the road. When I did, I misstepped, twisting my ankle in what may or may not have been a sprain (the verdict is still out).


I knew my chances of injury were greater postpartum than they were pre-pregnancy, but it was still disappointing when I injured myself towards the end of a long run that was going so well otherwise.

Oh well. My ankle will heal, and I’ll get back into training as soon as I can. If I was going to hurt myself, I’m glad I did it doing something I enjoy, and on an absolutely gorgeous day in Bavaria, to boot.

Did you run postpartum? Did you face any injuries? I’ve heard a few friends talk about pelvic floor issues and even problems with their hips and back. I’m curious to know how active you were and how you felt a few months after your kiddos were born. Leave a comment!


*To call my stroller “a jogging stroller” is like calling your best friend from 5th grade with whom you spent every day of the summer at the city pool, and every Friday night drinking Cherry Dr. Pepper at slumber parties while gushing over Teen Beat Magazine, “a girl”. My jogging stroller is my companion. My counterpart. My bud. I’d be selling my relationship with him (yes, it’s a dude) short if I only referenced it impersonally as “a jogging stroller”. I affectionately refer to my jogging stroller by his brand name: BOB.

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