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MGS LogoI really like my work as a freelancer: I get to make my own hours and choose my own clients and projects. I can keep my family first without making career sacrifices. In essence, I have the best of both worlds; personal and professional.

Because my freelance work is profitable, I can also carve out time that’s earmarked specifically for giving back to the community. I call these volunteer and pro-bono projects my Passion Projects, and I’m really proud of how some of them are going.

I do my best work when I feel passionate about the people I’m working with or the cause I’m working for. Offer to pay me a boatload to market your cigarette brand, and I’ll turn you down. Come to me with a compelling story and a cause that speaks to my heart, and I’ll do what I can to promote your work.

I saw places in the community where my skills could help raise a little money for military kids to get college scholarships of for the local swim team to have a better website. I saw a really talented old friend’s WAHM business beginning to really take off, and offered to put a website together for her. This is how my Passion Projects were born.

Being able to use my marketing and branding background for a good cause is, for all practical purposes, a professional dream come true. I plan to continue giving a portion of my work day to pro-bono causes as long as my career and family allow me the flexibility (and profitability) to do so.

Do you have a Passion Project you think would be a good fit for me? Contact me!

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