Over the Deployment Hill

For the last few weeks, I’ve been staying exhaustingly busy, and as a result, I haven’t written about some of the adventures I’ve had.

In September, I ran Race #16 of Running Through Deployment: the Rock & Roll Denver Half Marathon.

In October, I kept running, but I also did some hiking with my husband’s family in Arizona. Just two weeks after Rock & Roll Denver, we hiked the Grand Canyon from North Rim to South Rim in a single day!

This weekend, I traveled to Utah for the first time to spend my weekend with my best girlfriend and my husband’s parents. We hiked in Canyonlands National Park, did some sight-seeing in Arches National Park, drank some local beer, watched a beautiful sunset along the Colorado River, and ran Race #17 of Running Through Deployment; “The Other Half” in Moab, Utah.

Nick’s Final Packages to the US from Afghanistan

When I got back to Colorado Springs this afternoon, I had two boxes waiting for me – both from Afghanistan.

My husband is just a couple of weeks from leaving his FOB and beginning his long trek home. The boxes on our family room floor tonight are filled with things he wanted to get to the US without carrying on his flights between his FOB and Fort Carson in December. Though I’m fairly certain they’ll just have extra uniform pieces and other deployment miscellany inside, receiving the boxes is strangely emotional.

We’re over the hill – into the 40s in terms of days remaining. I have one half marathon left to run before he comes home, and a couple of holidays to get through. I’m so very ready for life to get back to normal, so even if opening these boxes up is a little surreal, it’s also good that we’re getting so close to the end of this time we’ve had to spend apart.

I’ll try to write soon about Races #17 and 18 and my various hiking adventures. Until then, I hope you and your service members are having a wonderful fall.

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