Our Bavarian Bloggers’ Meet-Up at the Nuremberg Easter Market

BavariaBloggerMeetUp-2 - Photo by Mr. Java CupcakeOne of the best things about blogging is meeting — and learning from other bloggers. Last weekend was my first bloggers’ meet-up in more than two years, and this wasn’t just any meet-up; it was a meet-up of American bloggers living halfway around the world in Bavarian Germany.

Nuremberg Easter Market 2015 MilliGFunkBetsy (a.k.a. @JavaCupcake) from JavaCupcake.com, Jamie (a.k.a. @North_Something) from NorthOfSomething.com, and I had our Bavarian Bloggers’ Meet-up at the Nuremberg Easter Market. We met that morning at a huge, beautiful Starbucks right on the Pegnitz River in the Nürnberg Altstadt. If you’re looking for a familiar cup of coffee in an unbeatable setting in Nürnberg, this Starbucks gets a gold star.

I’m usually one for locally-owned cafes and bakeries, but meeting up with two Washington state ladies meant that Starbucks was like a little taste of home. This particular Starbucks (at Hauptmarkt 1 in Nürnberg) was roomy with cozy chairs and floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out over the river. For warmer days (or warmer natured coffee drinkers than me), there’s even a large outdoor seating area.

As the three of us chatted and got to know each other better, I watched a street musician playing his violin on the foot bridge over the river just outside the cafe. We may have been in an American coffee shop, but there was no doubt we were in Europe.

After coffee, we headed outside to walk the Easter Market (Ostermarkt). Dozens of vendors lined the market square (Marktplatz). We perused hand-made gifts created by local artisans and manufactured goods sold by others.

MilliGFunk - Photo by JavaCupcakeOf the artisan vendors, I saw jewelry made from spoons, pottery, hand-painted Easter eggs, etched Easter eggs, knitted hats and scarves, baby clothes, and dolls. On the manufactured side of things, we saw lots of kitchen wares, from spatulas to tea kettles; steak knives to lamb-shaped baking tins.

I love practicing my photography when we’re out at markets, but with a young baby, that’s not always possible. Nick stayed home with Small Shaw on Saturday, allowing me to really focus on practicing shooting in manual. I had such a great time!

Betsy snapped this picture of me (left) playing with my DSLR, and I just love it. I’m so used to seeing myself with Small Shaw that sometimes I forget that my identity extends past “just” being a mom (as if being a mom isn’t a big enough job). Having a hobby like photography helps feed my creative heart. Thanks for this shot, Betsy!

On that note, learning to shoot in manual is pushing me to take more intentional pictures. Here are a few I took on Saturday:

Nuremberg Easter Market MilliGFunk

Nuremberg Easter Market MilliGFunk

Candy at Nuremberg Easter Market MilliGFunk

Market Shopping in Nuremberg MilliGFunkSausage-Stand at Nuremberg Market - MilliGFunk

Of course, no German market day is complete without food. Between the four of us (Betsy’s husband was along for the ride), we had a fish sandwich, homemade bread, two ears of grilled corn on the cob, a shot of espresso, a bratwurst, homemade kettle chips, and goodness knows what else. I’ll miss German market foods when we move back to the U.S.A. next summer, so I’m enjoying them while I can!

Espresso at the Market - Photo by JavaCupcake

Our Bavarian Bloggers’ Meet-Up at the Nuremberg Easter Market was a great time. We parted ways early in the afternoon rejuvenated from good company, inspired to do new things with our respective blogs and content, and tired from the warm sun and cool air of the German morning.

Are you a Germany-based blogger affiliated with the U.S. government? Drop me a note, and you can join our secret Facebook Group for bloggers living in Germany. Hopefully we’ll have more meet-ups (and maybe even a more formal professional development workshop? My gears are turning…) in the coming months.


Be sure to hop over to North of Something and Java Cupcake to read Jamie and Betsy’s posts about our Bavarian Bloggers’ Meet-Up!

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Bonked Out Bloggers - Photo Courtesy of JavaCupcake

Java Cupcake is Betsy’s Baking, Life, & DIY Blog:JavaCupcake

And North of Something is Jamie’s Family Travel Blog:

North of Something

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  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your post about the Nuremburg Easter market. We are stationed in Bavaria, and I blog for friends and family back home who want to keep up with our travels. I’d love to meet you and other bloggers in the area!

  2. Wow! That sounds like a ton of fun. I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to visit the Easter market. I’ve heard it’s absolutely amazing and everyone there is so welcoming.

  3. haha, Well when you put it that way it sure sounds like we ate a lot! I had so much fun, thanks for thinking up the idea!

  4. What a fun afternoon! The Easter Markets look nice – lots of beautiful things, and no heavy coats, hats, gloves, and scarves to worry with. Nick is a great guy, and I bet Small Shaw enjoyed their day together! Thanks for sharing your visit with your friends with us.

  5. Beautiful photos. I met my husband “late” by military standards and alas in May he will be exiting the Navy. I admit to PCS envy. 😉 What a fun afternoon and it looks just gorgeous!

    • Thanks Heather! Sometimes I feel like I met my husband late, too. He already had seven years of active duty when we met, so I missed all those initial military moments (commissioning, promotions, pin-ons, etc.). It’s crazy to admit it (since we’ve PCSed 3 times in our first 3 years married), but I can imagine how very real PCS envy could be. Congrats on your husband’s soon-to-be retirement!!

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