Our Afternoon at the Audioversum Innsbruck

Audioversum Innsbruck MilliGFunk

We spent a nice four-day weekend in Innsbruck, Austria with friends, recently. We wandered the Altstadt, had Nepali and Thai food, and enjoyed some sunshine. While the rest of the crew skied on Saturday, I took Small Shaw with me on a long run along the Inn River. It was a lovely couple of days away.

One of the highlights of the weekend was our trip to the Audioversum Innsbruck. The Audioversum is an interactive museum and science center in downtown Innsbruck. We learned about the vibrations created by different decibel levels, and about how the human eardrum works. There were hands-on exhibits that helped us understand what it’s like to have varying degrees of hearing loss. There was even a cool setup that showed you how each of those little hair-like things in your ears contributes to the whole¬†sounds we hear every day.

Small Shaw was able to crawl, touch, and play, so although she was too young to understand exactly what she was supposed to learn, her eyes still lit up with the excitement of interacting with the exhibits. All six of the adults in our group (all of us in our mid-twenties to mid-thirties) had a great time. We spent hours there, and would happily have spent more if the museum had been larger.

The museum also has a nice little cafe, where we took a coffee break mid-morning. If you find yourself in Innsbruck, I really recommend the Audioversum. It was fun, we learned a bit, and it seemed friendly to patrons of all ages. The Audioversum Innsbruck is open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5 and on weekends and holidays from 10-5. It’s closed on Mondays. You can learn more about the museum here,

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  1. Ah! I absolutely LOVE Innsbruck! I studied abroad there for 6 weeks in 2011 and it was the best time of my life! However, during the time there I never made it to this museum! Bummer, it sounds neat!

  2. I have done this trip by train. I would recommend it. The trips are not long and the sncaery is nice and you will get to see more riding than you will driving. Inner city transportation in each of your three picks is excellent you won’t need a car, so getting from A to B to C is your only need for wheels. You can get prices and schedule information from Die Bahn and the OOB (Austrian Railroad)

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