Oktoberfest in Mainz, Germany

Dancing on Tables at Mainzer OktoberfestIt may not be the “real” Oktoberfest in Munich, but the city immediately next door to Wiesbaden throws a pretty good Oktoberfest celebration, too. The town is called Mainz, and its Oktoberfest is called “Mainzer Oktoberfest”.

Nearly everyone in the (enormous) tent wore lederhosen and drindl; from old ladies and men to tiny kids. Liter-sized beer steins were served from a Frankfurt brewery, a band played a blend of German drinking songs and rock music covers, and there was so much food! Half chickens and fries; brots & bread; steak and onions; apple strudel with whipped cream; beer pretzels…Mmmm

And the best part for me? They had two alcohol-free (read: pregnant lady-safe) beers on their menu; the Clausthaler (a lager) and the Shöfferhofer Weizen (a hefeweizen).

at Mainzer OktoberfestI had the Clausterhaler, and while it wasn’t my favorite beer ever (I tend towards fuller-bodied, richer beer), it was still awesome to be able to get the Oktoberfest experience with a baby kickin’ and squirmin’ in my belly to the German oompa music.

These photos aren’t the greatest (taken with my now-outdated iPhone), but I hope you enjoy them!


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