Norway’s Take on Our Favorite Little Candies: M&Ms

Norway's Own M&Ms are just M's. MilliGFunkWe all know and love M&M’s, but Norway has it’s own, shorter take on this global American sweet treat: The M’s.

I’m always curious to see whether countries have their own big pre-packaged food brands, or whether they sell the same brands we know in the States. What I learned from visiting Norway is that it has its own, prominent chocolate brand called Freia, which makes a chocolate candy called the M. Not M&Ms — just M’s.

You might have seen my post a few days ago about our first meal in Norway, and the Kit-Kat-like candy bar we tried for dessert? That candy bar was also made by Freia. Out of curiosity, I did a very shallow bit of internet research to figure out if, by chance, these candy companies all had the same parent company. They don’t.

Freia, although founded in Norway, was purchased in 1993 by Kraft Foods, Inc. Maybe Kraft also owns M&M’s? It doesn’t. M&M’s are owned by Mars, Inc., which is not owned by Kraft. And the Kit-Kat bar? It’s owned by Nestlé, which competes with both Kraft and Mars.

I’m not sure what the take-away is here. Mostly, I just thought that it was kind of interesting that a candy company far from home would have candies with such similar names and contents. Then, of course, I leaned that my “from home” Kit-Kat bar is actually owned by Nestlé, which is a Swiss company, which totally upended my idea of what “candies from home” even means.

Are You Old Enough for M&Ms - MilliGFunkBefore I sign off for the day, I have to share this with you: Mars, Inc. has an age verification tool on its M&M’s landing page. I admire them for making some effort not to market directly to kids online, but I still felt pretty silly verifying my age to enter the M&M’s website. Until today, I’d only ever had to verify my age on beer websites.

Speaking of beer, stay tuned for a post (and pictures) of our not one, but TWO trip so the Mack Brewery in Tromso. It’s the world’s most northern brewery, and not only did we drink beer there, we had (and I know this will surprise you) our pictures taken with their polar bear! 😉

Have a great day, friends,


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