New Mom, Freelancer, & Military Wife

This blog post by Miranda at Hurry Up and Wait asks where all the real blog posts are. Miranda’s sentiments inspired today’s post, in which I do my best to tell you more about what’s happening in my corner of the world as a new mom, freelancer, and military wife.

Welcoming Small Shaw

Small Shaw & Rosie

February and March have been exciting and busy for my family. The most exciting part? That we’re a family now: our first child was born in late February!

Small Shaw has filled our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Her facial expressions make us laugh; we’re amazed by her rapid growth and development; her cuddles are absolutely the best.

Our terrier mix rescue pup Rosie wasn’t so sure about Small Shaw at first, but after a few days of hiding, shaking, and even throwing up when Small Shaw cried, she finally calmed down. Now she takes pride in waking us up when Small Shaw needs us and in trailing us around the house when we’re carrying the baby, a protective little K-9 shadow of a big sister and guard dog.

Freelance Life

This time last year I was in my final week of full time employment at a job I loved working in a small marketing & brand development agency. The job was demanding and I stayed really busy. I worked with smart, talented people, and I was lucky enough to have clients who I genuinely enjoyed working with.


Leaving that job and the sense of professional identity that I’d had in it forced me to grow; I had to redefine myself and my career in the months that followed. That freelance journey left me lonely and frustrated at times and inspired and totally content at others, which begs the question, “Does good ever really come without a few growing pains?”.

I still miss the people at my old job, and I miss being challenged by the projects I worked on there. On the other hand, 2013 brought new professional opportunities: I began building a freelance career in marketing, branding & content, and I saw my writing published on an almost-daily basis on clients’ websites and blogs.

I’ve learned a lot about time management and accounting since then, and I’ve fallen into a part-time freelance routine that allows me flexibility. That flexibility helps with our frequent military PCSs and, more importantly, it allows me to be with Small Shaw more hours of the day than not. I count myself lucky.

Marrying the Army is Growing!

I’m a nerd for analytics, which is funny, considering that I’ve never been great with numbers. It’s been really cool to watch the hours and heart I’ve invested into this blog since March 2013 begin to pay off.

Marrying the Army Analytics

My readership so far in 2014 is roughly 3x what it was in the first three months of 2013. (Hello and Welcome New Readers!!) It’s a great feeling to check my site stats and Google Analytics and see both my overall number of readers and their time spent on the site growing.

The Next PCS

Boxes all over the place!  This is during a break on "unpacking" day.

Photo Credit: Global Family Treks (

My husband’s career is going well. He’s taking on a new role soon that will not only push his leadership and organizational skills, but that will PCS our family to Bavarian Germany from Wiesbaden, where we live now. Unfortunately, this PCS hasn’t exactly been smooth, but after lots of back-and-forth, we finally have official orders in hand and we move in just a few days.

We’re excited for his next career step, although it seems like PCSs are always bittersweet. We’ve only been in Wiesbaden for 10.5 months (we’ve been PCSing more frequently than most families do), so I was just starting to feel like I knew my way around town and that I had a local support network.

For as hard as goodbyes are, I’m pretty happy about our PCS. Bavaria is beautiful and we’re pumped to get to explore the area. We’ll be closer to Eastern Europe, which will allow us to travel pretty easily into Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and Bavaria is supposed to be great for hiking and time outdoors. We’re definitely looking forward to that!

What About You?

What big things have happened lately for you?
Will you PCS this spring or summer?
Have you made career changes in 2013 or 2014?
Do you have blogging successes you want to celebrate together with me?

I’d love to hear from you – Leave a comment today!



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  1. So happy to see so many wonderful changes for you 🙂 When you’re in Bavaria, you will most certainly need to check out Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary (both in Czech) and Krakow, Poland. These were my favorite stops when we toured Eastern Europe in 2008. Auschwitz is also a short trip from Krakow, and if you can swing it, it’s worth the visit – depressing, but a part of history everyone should visit & remember.

    You know I have the blog rebrand coming (eeeek!) and the book still needing to be finished. Hoping I’ll be able to celebrate these as successes this year! And thank you for sharing that blog post from Miranda. It is a good reminder as I head into this rebrand to have a good mix of the real life stuff as well. 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for finally having orders! I didn’t get to spend spring in Bavaria, but summer is absolutely gorgeous there! I hope it is smooth sailing (well, as smooth as one can expect any PCS to be).

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