My Hope for Military Spouses of the Future

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Last night, a fascinating job offer arrived in my inbox, uninvited. A startup founder in Berlin offered me a position doing something I’d be good at, at the intersection of technology, writing, and international business — three areas of distinct professional interest. The potential was inspiring, but when they found out I couldn’t relocate for the job, they retracted the offer.

We’re used to it, this generation of military spouses. We wish that there were more legitimate tele-commute positions available to us, but we don’t expect them. Those of us who are CPAs or doctors or attorneys wish that our credentials carried from one state or country to the next.

We know that we could do a bang-up job of many of the positions we see advertised without ever stepping foot in the office, but we understand when we our resume isn’t considered because our service member’s careers dictate where we live, cornering us into telecommute jobs, only.

This is our normal right now, but my hope is that it is not the norm for the next generation. My hope for military spouses of the future is that location becomes a non-issue, because business models catch up with modern technology and founders adopt a truly mobile mindset.

My hope for the next generation of military spouses is that their credentials — or their LLCs — carry across state lines, so that they can spend less time maneuvering past red tape, investing more of it in earning an income for their families.

My hope for military spouses of the future is that they operate in such a forward-thinking workforce that their professional skills, adaptability, resilience, and determination distinguish them from the competition, allowing them to give back to their communities in professionally satisfying, personally rewarding ways.

I hope that the next generation of military spouses can be as ambitious in their own careers — without limitations — as their service members are about theirs.

And I hope that someday, military spouses can sleep a little better during at night, knowing that while our service members’ wellbeing is out of our control, our own careers — and, by extension, our ability to provide for our families — are not.

This, my friends, is my hope for military spouses of the future. May the future look very different for you than it does for this generation of working military spouses.

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  1. I can’t believe that anyone would disagree with such thoughtful, foreward thinking ideas. Ideas that I hope will become more of a reality as well!

  2. Sorry things didn’t work out for you with this offer. Very well written post. You are wise beyond your years.

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