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Small Town Girl, Rosie & the Cabin in the Woods

With snow falling outside and Greg Brown music playing softly in my cabin, Rosie sleeps on my bed and I click “send” on the email containing my most recent magazine story.

Although I can’t help but miss Brooklyn, mornings like this one are pretty much idyllic.

There thousands of people who daydream about waking up in a silent cabin in the woods with snow falling outside, aren’t there? Aren’t there also thousands of aspiring young writers who envision themselves romantically pecking at the keys of a laptop in the wee hours of the morning with a steaming cup of coffee by their side?

Out the Back Door

Who knew that moving home to Missouri would make so many of my dreams come true? The story I submitted this morning is scheduled to appear in Missouri Meetings & Events, a full-color, glossy magazine read by thousands of event planning professionals. This is the fourth print publication I’ve written for since moving back to Missouri 22.5 months ago, but it’s the first one that’s distributed across the entire state.

Progress in gaining publication experience, although it’s been gradual, is extremely satisfying. Thank you to Missouri Meetings & Events for inviting me to write for them, as well as to the editors of Aire Magazine, Insider573 Magazine, and River Hills Traveler, the other print publications that have graciously supported my aspirations as a writer and photographer.


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