Marathoner to Mommy: What a Difference A Year Makes

Today in 2013, I Ran My First Full Marathon

Nick was recently home from Afghanistan, we were quickly approaching our first wedding anniversary, and I’d spent the previous 9 months counting down his deployment and running — a lot.

Today in 2014, I’m 36 Weeks Pregnant

We’re in Germany now, we’re quickly approaching our second wedding anniversary, and I’ve spent the last 9 months growing a baby in what — a year ago — was a flat, muscular runner’s belly.

So Much Change

So much has changed. It’s the first year since we’ve known each other when the military has allowed us to spend more time together than apart.

We’ve moved to Europe and traveled more in 2013 than we could have imagined.

The weekend days I used to spend doing long runs or riding my road bike are filled now with baby preparation, freelance work, and increasingly infrequent (now that I’m so very pregnant) day trips.

Welcoming More Change

Marathoner to MommyOur daughter will soon lead us, taking control of our sleep, our routines, and our hearts. And we’ll welcome it with tired eyes and sleepy minds.

I hope to run again, this time with a tiny, precious girl along for the ride in my fancy new BOB jogging stroller. I look forward to having a new running partner.

Our car used to seat 5. Now, with a car seat installed, it seats 3 plus baby. We’re okay with that.

And my home office is a home office + nursery now. The professional books in the windowsill have been replaced by Dr. Seuess books, Puff the Magic Dragon, I’ll Always Love You, and The Little Prince, among dozens of others — some of which are sewn together and fuzzy. I love knowing that our baby girl will be born into a world with books.

Without It, We’d Be Stuck

The changes from January 2013 to January 2014 haven’t been easy. There have been moments along the way when I’ve felt absolutely lost in it all.

But without it — without that change — where would we be?

I’d still be running a lot, he’d still be in Afghanistan, and we’d be talking about the “somedays” when we might get to do things like start a family or travel in Europe.

So Here’s To…

Here’s to that tiny sweet girl rocking our world in a few weeks.
Here’s to him continuing his education and me building my own business.
Here’s to a saggy post-baby belly and a home office-turned-nursery.
Here’s to the tears on hard days; because they mean we’re making progress.
Here’s to this new version of “us”; a version that is 3 instead of 2 — a family instead of a couple.

Here’s to looking back confidently on the last twelve months. Each tough day was just a growing pain helping us get from an already good place in life to one that’s going to be even better.

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  1. Hey from Arts & Crackers! Congratulations on Baby! My husband (Air Force) is currently deployed. He missed the birth of our baby boy in October. I know what you mean with a baby changing things–I have two kids now and my schedule has been a mess. I try to find a little time to exercise here and there so I get my post-baby body back before my hubby comes home. It will be a surprise to him to see me in person again without a big baby belly! That precious little baby will be worth everything and so glad Daddy is able to be home!

    • Hi there, Artscrackers! You’re so strong, having your baby while your husband is deployed. At least for this first child, while we’re living abroad (and far from family) I’m really glad I’ve got my husband here. It would be really tough to have him away right now. I hope that our husband’s deployment goes by quickly for you both, and that he’s kept safe while he’s away. Sending you warm thoughts.

  2. A nursery and a home office are a perfect match for a new Mom. You can sit in your part of the room and watch your baby girl sleep. Love the changes this year has brought to you and Nick. Can’t wait to hear the good news that your little one is here. Won’t be long now.
    Big Hug

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