Making Our German Easter Bread Wreath

Germany has been such a fascinating place to live during Lent and Easter. I’ve written already about many of the German Easter traditions (see bottom of this post for links), but today I want to talk about the German tradition of Easter bread wreaths.

My research (and by “research”, I mean “Googling”) has taught me that these breads can be described as wreaths, braids, crowns, or even nests. It’s common for Easter eggs to be placed on top of these wreaths of bread either after the bread has been baked, or even for them to be braided into the dough!

Easter Bread Wreath - MilliGFunk

There are three strands of dough that are braided together into the German Easter bread wreath or nest. When the bread is formed as a crown, it represents the Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Sometimes the baker even includes hard-boiled eggs died red to represent the blood of Christ.

No matter what the breads symbolize (nests for spring, crowns for Christ, etc.), these breads are usually decorative and sweet. There are hundreds of pictures online of German Easter bread wreath that are much more beautiful than my own, but every aspiring Easter bread wreath baker has to start somewhere, right?

I’d share my recipe, but honestly, my husband and I didn’t love the flavor or texture of the bread. From what I’ve read, just about any sweet bread recipe would work for these wreaths. Just divide your dough into three equal balls, roll them out into ropes, and then braid or twist them together!

Easter Bread Wreath - MilliGFunk

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