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DSC_7772Ten minutes east of Parsberg is a dairy farm with a twist: the loft of its barn has been converted into a dairy cafe.

The Kuhstall Cafe (“the cowshed cafe”) has become one of my favorite local businesses to take friends to.

The cafe’s loft looks out over the cows in the barn , and the desserts are spectacular. They also have cheese plates, milkshakes, eiscafe (a cold coffee drink with ice cream, milk, and whipped cream), and other wonderfully-bad-for-you-but-totally-fresh indulgences.

From the cafe’s dining rooms, you can watch the cows come and go. They lick salt blocks, they rest, and they occasionally (for better or worse) perform other, more basic, biological functions.

On my most recent visit, there were four young calves in the barn, two of whom looked like they were just a few days old.

DSC_7792As if the food and the loft didn’t already make the Kuhstall Cafe worth a visit, the Cafe’s flowers are absolutely beautiful. Dozens of huge flower pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets decorate the farm. Pictures don’t do the Kuhstall Cafe’s flowers justice.

The cafe is only open on Sunday afternoons, and it doesn’t serve meals; just appetizers, desserts and coffee. Prices are surprisingly reasonable: we ordered two milkshakes, a pieces of cake, and a cheese plate, and the total was €14. If you live in the region and enjoy locally-produced foods, the Kuhstallcafe is worth visiting.

The Kuhstall Cafe’s address is:
Kuhstallcafe Illkofen, Illkofen 2, 93176 Beratzh.






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