Keeping it Sexy in the Arctic Circle

Nick and I were walking through downtown Tromso, Norway last week when we passed a store that sold lingerie. I saw the sign before I saw what was in the window, and I instinctively wondered if Norwegian lingerie included Long Johns and turtlenecks.

My musings, as it turned out, weren’t far from the truth. The sexiest thing in the window was an ankle-length, long-sleeved nightgown with a little bit of lace around the modestly scooped neckline.

Keeping-it-Sexy-in-the-Arctic-Circle-1-MilliGFunkTromso is well inside the Arctic Circle, and although it stays relatively warm thanks to the Gulf Stream, it’s still inside the Arctic Circle. There are months in winter when there’s no direct sunlight, and a warm day is in the 30s (Farenheit). So while Nick and I laughed about the “sexy” lingerie in the window, we also huddled inside our winter coats, hats, and gloves, freezing our tails off.

As we laughed and walked further down the street, I stopped in my tracks. There was an erotic shop! “If the lingerie shop sold ankle-length nightgowns, maybe the Erotikkhuset sells sexy slippers and knee-length nighties,” I joked with Nick, giggling.

Keeping-it-Sexy-in-the-Arctic-Circle-2-MilliGFunkAs we got closer, we my giggles turned to belly laughs and Nick was chuckling, too: In the window of the Erotikkhuset was, in fact, an entire display of sexy fuzzy, ankle-high slippers. And the sexy window display? It was of a mannequin in a knee-length, long-sleeved nighty—and a scarf.

Have you ever even imagined what kind of lingerie women would wear to keep it sexy in the Arctic Circle? I definitely hadn’t, but I’ll tell you this: The tank tops and yoga pants I use as sleepwear seem a whole lot more risqué after our walk together through Tromso last week.

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  1. I can honestly say that I’d never given that a thought until today! Lol…what a fun post. Thanks!

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