Kathareid Fabric Store is a Great Find Near Regensburg

Not too far from the town of Beratzhausen, Germany, is a smaller town called Kathareid. There, you’ll find a store called Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints that’s filled with beautiful, hand-made fabrics, including raw fabric and finished tablecloths, curtains, pillow cases, table runners, placemats, and more.

“Bauer” means “farmer” in German, so the store’s name is literally the Kathareid Farmer’s Hand Prints. I think of it as the Kathareid Fabric Store, though. Each fall, Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints has a fall open house and a Christmas exhibition/open house. I was lucky enough to have my beautiful, crafts-loving mom in town this weekend for the fall open house. We went, and we had a great time!

Kathareid Fabric Store Near Regensburg Germany is a Great Find! via MilliGFunk

Since I’ve been in this part of Germany for almost a year-and-a-half and only just recently heard about Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints, I thought there might be other expats and military spouses in the area who’d be interested in learning more about the shop and their open house events.

Sadly, my cell phone (which I’d used to take pictures at the festival) died later that weekend before I was able to get all of my photos uploaded. Here’s what I’ve learned by doing some rough translations of their website and going to the Kathareid Bauer Fall Open House, and this post includes the three pictures I downloaded before the phone quit working.

Kathareid Bauer Makes Its Prints in Kathareid, Germany

If you’re looking for a locally-made keepsake to bring back from Germany, or if you’re trying to find gift ideas for friends and family back home, Kathareid Bauer should be on your short list. Their fabrics are high-quality and hand-printed, making them a really special, local Bavarian keepsake or gift.

The Store Uses Eco-Friendly Inks for Printing

All of Kathareid Bauer’s linens are made of pure natural fibers, and they’re all printed using environmentally-friendly dies. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how eco-conscious Germans have become in recent years. Still, it’s nice to know — especially if you’re shopping for friends back home who care about the environment.

Custom-Made is Not a Problem

According to their website, since everything do is handmade, it’s not a problem to make items for you that are in custom dimensions. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to contact them about a custom-sized item is that Germans use the metric system. Be sure to measure your bed or table or window in centimeters or meters — not in inches — for the best results!

Kathareid Fall Festival - MilliGFunk

Three Festivals a Year: in Spring, Fall, and at Christmas

The store has three festivals each year. There’s a Spring Market, a Fall Open House, and an Advent Market.

Here are the 2015 dates for each festival:

Spring Market
March 14th & 15th

Fall Open House
September 26th & 27th

Advent Market
November 14th & 15th

For future years, you can check for dates on the landing page of their website.

MilliGFunk at Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints Fall Open House

The Fall Open House was Fun!

My mom and I spent a little over an hour at the Kathareid Fabric Store Fall Open House. We wandered the main shop, and we had tasty vegetable soup, bread, and coffee in a smaller side barn.

We watched woodworker Franz Knerr making beautiful solid wood pieces, and we perused his tent of solid wood dishes, wine stoppers, jewerly, and more.

Lari Fari was also there, selling adorable, natural-fiber baby pillows, nursing pillows, and stuffed animals.

Fresh Apple Fritters at Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints Fall Open House

One of the highlights of the Open House was the homemade apple fritters. An adorable older gentleman stood at a small table outside the main shop, slicing and coring fresh apples, which he’d then deep fry and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. The fritters were “gratis” or free, so we stood in line, listening to the man banter with his friends. When our fritter was ready, it was piping hot and super tasty. The experience was a lot of fun.

Finding Kathareid Fabric Store

I was worried that Kathareid would be hard to find, since it’s in a rural area. In fact, my GPS couldn’t find the address! I headed in the right general direction though (I’d looked pretty closely at the map online before leaving my house), and I was pleased to find that once I got off of the A3 in Beratzhausen, there were plenty of signs helping me find my way to the town of Kathareid.

The store itself is on a farm that you can’t see from the road. There is, however, a big sign for the store right by their entrance road.

Store Hours

Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. On Saturdays the store is open from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Kathareid is closed on Sundays.

How to Find Kathareid Bauer Hand Prints

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  1. What a wonderful adventure we had that day! One could easily spend hours and hours, and not see everything. Their handmade linens were incredible, and that apple fritter was quite delish! Thanks for sharing this fun and fabulous store with me!

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