Jack Quinn's Running Club & Colorado Tweet-Up

Each Tuesday night, Jack Quinn’s restaurant and bar in downtown Colorado Springs hosts a running club. Hundreds of runners of all ability levels run the 5K each week, making the club approachable and fun regardless of your skill.

For those who want to stick around after the run, Jack Quinn’s offers food and drink specials to runners. The event inherently becomes a social one, although with so many runners, it can feel overwhelming if you don’t run with friends.

This week, Nick joined me for the second time at Jack Quinn’s for the 5K. After signing in (after ten Jack Quinn’s runs you get a free t-shirt), we ran our 5K and skipped Jack Quinn’s specials in favor of our first Colorado Springs tweet-up at McCabe’s Tavern.

Although he barely uses Facebook, much less Twitter, Nick understands how important it is that I build a sense of community here in Colorado Springs as we prepare for his deployment. He did his best to follow conversation about marketing, twitter, social media apps and other jargon that probably means absolutely nothing to him as we drank a beer and ate McCabe’s (tasty) $1 tacos.

That first tweet-up was a good experience for me. The Colorado Springs social media community isn’t quite as well-developed as the one I found in St. Louis, Missouri, but the small group that gathered at McCabe’s was friendly and welcoming.

Settling into a new community isn’t easy, but it helps tremendously knowing that my solider is supportive of me. How does your soldier support you when you handle transitions to new posts?

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  1. I forgot to mention the other day that my DH was stationed at Ft. Carson back in 05/06. If you have any specific questions I'm happy to ask him for ya. It sounds like your DF (darling fiance) has been there awhile though. 🙂 Sometimes I wish I was a runner as running with others is something you can do anywhere…step-aerobics at home, yeah…it is just me. Good thing I love it!

    • Lorie,

      Thank you for letting me know that your DH was stationed at Ft Carson. I start my first series of FRG courses in November, so that'll be the beginning of my engagement on post. I'll definitely let you know if I have any questions for your DH.

      Thank you!

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