Iseltwald, Switzerland

_DSC5826_WMOne of the most beautiful places we’ve traveled to since moving to Germany is the Interlaken region of Switzerland.

Iseltwald is a small town (population of around 400 people) that sits immediately on Lake Brienz, a stunningly teal-colored mountain lake in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, roughly 5 hours south of Wiesbaden.

We stayed at the Lakelodge Hostel. It wasn’t fancy, but it had free breakfasts, a kitchen, and it sat right beside the lake. Switzerland is expensive, so we brought groceries with us from Germany and used the hostel’s kitchen to make dinner all but one night we were in town.

_DSC5814_WMThe town itself was tiny, but gorgeous. We used Iseltwald as our home base for day trips to other areas in the region, but we didn’t take the beauty of Iseltwald for granted. We took morning and evening walks, and I had a great time photographing the town’s houses, lake, mountains, and farms.

We had a wonderful time in Iseltwald, and we’d absolutely recommend it to friends who want a relatively easy four-day-weekend getaway from Wiesbaden or Heidelberg.

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