Hot Beer at the Parsberg Castle Christmas Market

This winter we visited some of the small, one-weekend-only Christmas markets in our little corner of Germany. One of our favorites was at the Parsberg Castle in Parsberg, Germany

Christmas markets can get really crowded sometimes, and my husband and I get drained fast by the throngs of people. The Parsberg Christmas festival was nice because the booths were spread out enough that things never felt overly-busy. We meandered, enjoyed the Christmas lights, music, and shopping, and shared a drink we’d never had before: a pipin’ hot cup of beer.

Like Gluhwein (the hot, mulled wine that Germans enjoy at Christmastime), Gluhbier is served steaming hot in a coffee mug. The hot beer at the Parsberg Castle Christmas Market was from one of our favorite breweries in nearby Velburg, Germany, Winkler Brau, and to my surprise, the hot beer was really good!

Have you visited the Parsberg Castle Christmas Market? Have you tried hot beer (Gluhbier)? What did you think?


The Parsberg Castle Christmas Market is always held on the first weekend of Advent. You can learn more about the market (which is called the Parsberger Burgweihnachten in German) on its website.

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  1. Hot beer sounds disgusting, but maybe if you’re freezing it might not be so bad :/ I’ll just have to come over to Germany and try it for myself.

    • Visiting Germany sounds like a good option to me, Beth. I think Gluhbier is only a winter time treat though, so plan for December. 🙂

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