Hitting Our Family’s Reset Button

Hitting Our Family's Reset Button

Every once in awhile we all need to break the inertia of daily routing by hitting our family’s reset button.

If we don’t pause to enjoy where we are, each day starts to look like the rest; a blur of emails and grocery lists played out to the soundtrack of a T.V. that’s perpetually running in the background, even if no one’s watching it.

When is the last time you hit reset?

On Saturday afternoon, once the chores and the writing and the schoolwork were done, we headed outside to enjoy the pretty fall leaves. I’m so glad we did. We walked trails and farm roads, played with my DSLR, and talked. It was the kind of day that stands out to me as a memory, instead of running together with the busy days on around it.

What are your plans this weekend?

Would you consider putting your computer away, turning the T.V. off, and leaving your phone in the car while you took your family for a walk somewhere pretty? You don’t have to live somewhere exceptional or travel someplace exotic to live well, so I challenge you to slow down for just a couple of hours to enjoy this moment with the people (furry friend, included) you love.

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  1. Life is beyond hectic for us right now. Even the weekends become a blur of chores and things we simply don’t have time to take care of during the week. It’s draining. This weekend is my husband’s drill weekend, so he’ll be gone most of the time. My goal is to not turn the tv on, but to spend the weekend playing, reading, and coloring with the kids. We will see how that goes (the movie-thing is usually a nice break when I need to get something else done without kids bugging me, though).

  2. I travel a lot for work, and so I try to hit the rest button for myself on the road by escaping to the spa, even if for just an hour. When I get home I feel overwhelmed by feelings of guilt that I am not around to help out. My husband and I reset by going out and letting someone else wait on us. Then it’s home just hanging out and having fun, both of us reminding each other it is okay to slow down.

    • It’s funny how something as simple as going out for dinner really can help us reconnect with each other, isn’t it. I’m so glad that you and your husband have found what work for you!

  3. We aim for screen free time in our home, or as we like to call it, tech free hours. We avoid it altogether and we simply connect with each other. It makes all the difference in the world, and I really do agree that hitting the reset button is so important.


  4. This is why our family barn time is so important to use. It gets everyone outside focusing on something external. And around horses, you HAVE to pay attention 🙂

    • Kristen, your point about paying attention around the horses is such a good one. You could really get yourself hurt if you’re distracted around them. I’m glad your family gets that time together, unplugged. I’ll bet it’s wonderful!

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