Grace in Small Things (GiST): 6/2/13

Grace in Small Things

Hello, friends, and happy Sunday to you,

In case you’re new to Marrying the Army, “Grace in Small Things” is the theme of every Sunday’s blog post here on MTA. GiST was the brainchild of a wise woman:

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things as a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook. You are hereby challenged to find the joy in small things, because life is short and love is large.”

When you’ve moved many times, you know what emotional cycles you tend to go through in preparation for, during and after your move.

For me, the cycle starts with separating myself from  people in the old town. Then I get excited about the new destination. Once I’m in the new destination, things get quiet. It takes some time to meet people, and it takes some time after that to figure out where I fit into my new community.

Here’s a list of the major moves I’ve made in my life:

♥ Small Town Missouri to Smaller Town Louisiana  ♥ Small Town Louisiana to Pittsburgh, PA ♥ Pittsburgh, PA to Ithaca, NY ♥ Ithaca, NY to Taipei, Taiwan ♥ Taipei, Taiwan back to Small Town Missouri ♥ Small Town Missouri to New York City ♥ New York City back to Small Town Missouri ♥ Small Town Missouri to Colorado Springs, CO ♥ Colorado Springs, CO to Wiebaden, Germany ♥

I’ve been doing my best to put on a smile and keep my attitude in check, so I hope that you haven’t noticed that I’ve been in a little bit of a funk off and on since arriving in Germany. Because I’m in that quiet stage of integration here in Germany, I’ve been experience those all-too-familiar new-place-doldrums.

I’m spending a lot of time working alone on my writing, working alone on building my freelance business, and working alone around our apartment.

I’m ready to have the opportunity to volunteer my time on causes I care about. I’m ready to go to lunch with friends. I’m ready to go out with other couples on weekends.

I might be ready for those things, but those things aren’t ready for me. Not yet, at least.

Until I get past this little rough spot, and in spite of those nasty doldrums, I owe it to myself to find and share my GiST list this week, as usual.

Grace in Small Things 6/2/13

1. A new t-shirt my mom sent in a care package this week. It’s soft, it fits, and it’s a pretty, spring color. Nice job, mom!

2. A MIL who takes action! After reading my Smart Car bike commute story, she sent me – among other things – a pair of stinkin’ fabulous pink full-fingered bike gloves. Cold fingers, no more!

3. Kleenex; the really soft kind.

4. Vintage and second-hand shops.

5. Sunshine.

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