Is It Good to Get Paid?

Getting Paid Is Good RightI’ve been working as a marketing and brand strategist my entire career, but I’m new to the world of paid and sponsored blogging.

  • I’ve managed marketing budgets and built (and implemented) marketing plans for large nonprofits.
  • I’ve managed media buys and developed ad campaigns for my own employers or (when I worked in the agency world) for clients.
  • I’ve worked closely with graphic designers, photographers, and advertisers.
  • I’ve built integrated cross-platform social media strategies for multi-million dollar organizations.
  • I’ve been part of major brand development and brand management projects, including project managing an international hi-tech rebranding project and managing the roll-out of the Y’s rebranding for my local Y in 2012.

In spring 2013, I laid out some goals for Marrying the Army, but none of them were monetary. Instead, I focused on marketing strategy for the blog (surprise, surprise — we all like our comfort zones), and on building my readership and social following.

Somewhere along the way, some paid and sponsored opportunities began landing in Marrying the Army’s inbox, and I realized that this hobby blog had potential to bring in revenue. I’d not counted on that happening until 2014, and even then, I thought I’d have to seek out — and fight for — those precious, paid blogging opportunities. I had hoped that by the end of 2014 revenue would begin trickling in.

I guess I should have set my sights higher.

I’ve still got a LOT to learn about rates & fees, commission-based opportunities, on-blog advertising, and what opportunities are and aren’t a good fit for Marrying the Army. The marketing skills that got me here won’t be the same skills I need to get me to the next set of goals on Marrying the Army.

2014 has already been a year of growth, both for Marrying the Army, and for me as a home-based-businesswoman (I work for myself now as a freelance marketing professional). But as the spring approaches, I wonder if you have any ideas you’re willing to share:

As you’ve built your blog or online business, what skills have you found yourself using the most often or needing to focus the most on?

Do you have any advice for other bloggers who are just beginning to dip their toes into the world of sponsored posts?

Share what you’ve learned by leaving a comment, today!

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  1. I’ve just started freelancing this year. I debated for a long time trying to monetize my blog and seek out more opportunities, but in the end, I decided that I don’t want my blog to be my job. (It’s too much like a journal for me, and I don’t want to ‘have’ to do things on the blog.)

    With freelancing, however, I’m finding that it takes a lot of hustle! I’ve got a good gig with a local charity running a blog and social media for them, but it takes a lot of my time. Ideally, I want to do less social media management and more writing writing writing, but this is a stepping stone (and a paycheck!).

  2. I only make small amounts of money on my blog, with some affiliate type linking. I must agree with Army Amy, that it takes a lot of time to keep up with things. It’s also really nice when I get a message from Pay Pal telling me that I’ve been paid!

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