Gift Ideas for Fit & Healthy Moms and Mommas to Be!

Gift Ideas for Fit & Healthy Moms and Mommas to Be! via

If you’re a good elf, then you’ve already finished all of your holiday shopping. If you’re like the rest of us, there are still a few things left on your list. Okay, fine. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably still frantically trying to figure out how to round out your husband’s/wife’s holiday gifts. And maybe your parents’. And you still haven’t ordered Christmas cards.

I’m no help this year where shopping for men is concerned, and I’m the last one you want to ask aobut getting holiday cards in the mail. If you’re shopping for a woman, though, I might be able to help! I’ve been listening to the ladies in my yoga class talk, I’ve been doing some online window shopping, and I’ve been admiring some things I’ve seen friends wear lately.

Is there some hinting hidden in this post? Maybe. Was there some genuine brainstorming? Of course! A little wishful thinking and a lot of online research lead to this list of gift ideas for fit & healthy moms and mommas-to-be. As a bonus, I’ve included and a 22-week bumpdate picture for you.

6 Gift Ideas for Fit & Healthy Moms and Mommas-to-Be!

Without further adieu, I present to you six gift ideas for moms. These gifts are in a variety of price ranges, from under $20 to several hundred dollars. Starting with the least expensive items, and working our way up, let’s get started.

A Fun-to-Carry Water Bottle (Around or Under $20)

Hydroflask Water Bottle in Pinkadelic

When you’re pregnant, you’re constantly drinking water. Just when you think you can’t drink any more water, the baby’s born and you start nursing, at which point you’re crazy-thirsty all. of. the. time. No matter where the fit & healthy mom is on the spectrum of pregnancy or early motherhood, she’s probably lugging a water bottle just about everywhere she goes.

Having a convenient water bottle is important, but having one that’s fun to carry is even better! Gone are the days when the only water bottles on the market were large, clunky, and masculine. Now there are tons of options out there for BPA-free water bottles in a several different materials.

You can probably find stylish water bottles at just about any sporting goods store, and maybe even at discount retailers like Wal-Mart or Ross. This stainless steel water bottle from Hydroflask comes in nine different colors, including Pinkadelic and Acai Purple. It keeps drinks hot or cold, and it fits in most cup holders, including the ones on your stroller!

A New Yoga Mat ($20-$100)

Gift Ideas for Pregnant Moms - from

Your wife or girlfriend will probably never think to ask you for a new yoga mat for Christmas, but if she does home workouts or takes yoga classes online or in a studio, she’d probably secretly love a yoga mat that isn’t quite as run-of-the-mill as the one she has now.

An inspiring new Gaiam yoga mat is a gift that will make the fit &  healthy mom in your life feel a little more confident when she works out, and it might even make her feel just a little bit special that you (you didn’t get the idea from me, kind sir. This idea was all yours.) thought to buy her a simple luxury that she probably won’t buy for herself.

Giaim’s website has yoga mats for sale in dozens of colors and designs. Each one tells you how thick it is (in millimeters). If the momma you’re buying for has sensitive wrists or knees, she’s likely to prefer a thicker mat. If she uses public transit a lot, or is otherwise towing her yoga mat with her to and fro, she might prefer a thinner mat that packs lighter for her gym commute.

Either way, Gaiam’s site is a really good place to get an idea of just how many varieties there are in yoga mats and just how different the available colors and patterns are.

Wearables and Other Fitness Trackers ($50 & Up)

Gift Ideas for Active Women

Another great gift idea for active moms and mommas-to-be are fitness trackers. I got my first Fitbit not long after we had Small Shaw, and it really helped me to monitor my daily activity levels. When the momma in your life is tired with a new baby and trying to eat well enough to nurse her, it can be tough for her to to balance nursing nutrition, physical fatigue, and fitness. Fitness trackers like these on KMart’s website can help!

One of the nice things about fitness trackers is that they come in a wide range of styles and prices, so you can find one that fits your momma-to-be’s style and your budget.

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A Kick-Butt Sports Bra ($30-$60)

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.11.12 AM

Admittedly, this idea won’t be one you can use for just any woman in your life, but for the right woman, it’ll make all the difference. When you’re pregnant and nursing, your breasts are larger, heavier, and more sensitive than they used to be. That means that a momma’s old $15 Target sports bras might not work anymore.

My absolute favorite sports bras, hands down, are from Moving Comfort. Moving Comfort Sports Bras have a number of great features. First, they’ve got designs for whatever level of impact is needed. Whether the momma in your life is doing yoga or running marathons, Moving Comfort has them covered.

Second, all of the sports bras I own from Moving Comfort have velcro-adjustable shoulder straps. This means that you can tighten the bra down for higher-intensity workouts (or you’re a shorty like me) or loosen it up for lower-intensity workouts (or if you have a longer torso).

The other advantage to the velcro-adjustable straps is that they come complete off on the back side of the bra. I don’t know if they had nursing mom athletes in mind when they designed their bras, but the design is certainly conducive to nursing. Instead of having to lift a tight-fitting sports bra over her breast to give the baby access for nursing, a momma can simply un-velcro the strap and fold that side of the bra down. Brilliant!

Finally, Moving Comfort sports bras aren’t made in general small, medium, and large sizes. Their bras are sized exactly as a woman’s regular bras are, with inches around the ribs and a cup size for the breast. This is especially helpful for mommas whose breasts have gotten larger in pregnancy and postpartum, but who didn’t gain a lot of weight all the way around.

Give Moving Comfort’s sports bras a look on the Brooks Running website.

Touchscreen-Compatible Winter Gloves ($10-$200)

Gift Ideas for Active Moms & Mommas to Be

Most women these days have some sort of touchscreen that they carry with them when they work out. For some of us, it’s an iPod, and for others, it’s a smartphone. Sometimes it’s even an iPad or a wearable device. Regardless, touchscreens are a normal part of a lot of women’s fitness regimens now.

If you’re still shopping for a fit & healthy mom or momma-to-be, ask yourself when the last time was that she bought herself a good pair of winter gloves? If it’s been more than a year or so, then her gloves might already be lower-tech than her gadgets!

Here’s a list of women’s touchscreen-friendly gloves from REI that includes a variety of price points. You can sort through the options based on what kinds of activities the active mom or momma-to-be you’re shopping for enjoys, what size her hands are, what colors she likes, and more. A warm and cozy pair of touchscreen gloves is a pretty safe bet!

Gift Packs from FittaMamma


FittaMamma has four different gift packs available for fit & healthy mommas to be! If you’re shopping for an expecting mom, one of these gift packs might really, truly make her Christmas. Here are the four gift packs Fittamamma is offering right now:

The Home Fit Pregnancy Workout Kit includes a workout top, maternity leggings, an antenatal exercise DVD, and a copy of Lucie Brand’s Complete 3-Plan Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Plan. The Home Fit Pregnancy Workout Kit is $158, including gift wrapping. That’s about $23 off the price of buying the pieces individually.

Fitta Mamma Gift Pack for Running in Grey on www.MilliGFunk.comThe Pregnancy Running Kit includes FittaMamma’s high support workout top, a pair of maternity fitness capris, a headband, and a “Me & My Baby Running Together” vest that can be used after the baby is born, too! The runner’s package is $175.99, and includes postage and handling.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Exercise Kit comes with a high support top, maternity capris, an antenatal exercise DVD, and a copy of Lucie Brand’s Complete 3-Plan Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Plan. Like the Home Fit Pregnancy Workout Kit, the Ultimate Pregnancy Exercise Kit is $158, which is about $23 off the regular purchase price of the individual items.

Get started with your fit pregnancyFinally, the Get Started Kit offers a $23 discount on the combination of a pregnancy top, maternity yoga pants, and a copy of Lucie Brand’s Complete 3-Plan Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Plan. A fun perk of this gift package is that it comes with a $15 coupon that can be used later towards any item on the FittaMamma Shop.

22 Week Bumpdate

Now that you’ve earned your Gold Star Elf Award for this holiday season, here’s that 22-week bumpdate picture I promised you:

MilliGFunk 22 Weeks Pregnant in FittaMamma Apparel on www.MilliGFunk.comI’ve experienced a lot of fatigue this week, which has prevented me from working out quite as much as I’d hoped to. I had a good workout on Wednesday, a great yoga class on Thursday, and I did a lot of walking on Monday and Tuesday, both.

We had an unexpected OB trip this morning, but all is well! Our baby boy is growing strong, and I’m starting to feel a little more pregnant from one week to the next. Hydration and rest continue to be important apsects of my healthy pregnancy, and I’ve been super duper flattered this week by the number of people who’ve commented on how strong and healthy I look for 22 weeks into this pregnancy.

In Summary

In summary, there are some great gift ideas out there for healthy and active moms and mommas-to-be. From inexpensive gifts like stylish water bottles to bigger gifts like FittaMamma’s gift packs, there are so many ways that you can encourage a momma’s active hobbies and healthy lifestyle this holiday season.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment letting me know what’s on YOUR wishlist for a healthy & active holiday season.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FittaMamma, who has graciously outfitted me with maternity activewear for my active pregnancy. FittaMamma supports active mammas by offering exercise tips, recipes, and maternity activewear that holds and supports your baby bump!

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