German New Year Ladybugs

New Year Ladybug

Last week I wrote about the German Christmas Devil, Krampus. Today, I’m exploring another chocolatey winter holiday tradition: German New Year ladybugs.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated in much the same way in Germany as in the U.S., but the reasons are a little bit different. Long story short, German lore has lead to modern celebrations that include the loudest, brightest fireworks and other noises and ruckus possible in order to scare away evil spirits.

In addition to insane fireworks displays, Germans give gifts of good luck to friends and family during the New Year. Marzipan pigs, horseshoes, and clover leaf-shaped goodies are all popular good fortune gifts, but my favorite are the little chocolate lady buys that dot shelves of grocery stores and candy shops as the new year approaches.

What’s your favorite New Year tradition? I’m curious to hear about your experiences with New Year’s — and tokens of good fortune — in places you’ve traveled to around the world. Leave a comment and share your story!

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  1. You know, I don’t have one! Yesterday at the store people kept telling me to buy black-eyed-peas and rice. It’s just one thing I’ve never done. I guess I could start one. That would be fun! Does drinking wine count as eating 12 grapes?

    Love the lady bug. Also, I am off to go read your post on Krampus. I LOVE that story. I know, I’m twisted. ; )

  2. I think drinking wine should count as eating grapes. Maybe that could be your new tradition!

  3. How nice!

    We usually just eat and try to might it till midnight.

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