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When we learned that we’d be PCSing to Wiesbaden, Germany, I immediately begin exploring German language lessons, classes, and workshops.

I’d taken a little bit of German in college, but had forgotten much of it when I accepted a position in a Mandarin-speaking company in Taipei, Taiwan two years later.

When we moved to Germany I really wanted to improve my German. As an Army spouse in Wiesbaden, I needed a German language learning option that wasn’t too expensive and that fit into my schedule.

Here are the options I found for German language lessons in Wiesbaden:

  1. I could take a free (and very basic) class through USAG Wiesbaden Army Community Services. The catch was that the class filled up fast, and the next class (which started just after we arrived here) was already full. Bummer.
  2. I could take a beginner’s class through the Rhein Main Area USO for just $100, but the next class didn’t start until fall. The price was right, so I bookmarked it.
  3. I could pay a lot to study with a private instructor or in a classroom environment in a local college or Volkschule (“people’s school” — sort of like a community college) in Wiesbaden or Mainz. Unfortunately, our single-income didn’t support this as a realistic option.
  4. I could — theoretically, at least — have studied German independently using books, websites, and German language apps. Unfortunately for me, I really needed the interaction of working with a teacher or with other students. I do study alone, but I also need interpersonal learning, especially for practice speaking and listening in German.

The USO Level 1 class was a good starting place for me, and I’d recommend it to others in Wiesbaden who are looking for a easy entry point into German language. It wasn’t too difficult, the cost was reasonable, and it helped dust off what I remembered of my college German.

Since then, though, I’ve started studying privately via Skype with a teacher who lives in Frankfurt, Germany. We have weekly lessons online, scheduled around each of our work and personal schedules, and because the lessons are via Skype, I won’t have to worry about childcare once our baby is born.

If you’re a service member or a military spouse who’s looking for flexible, private, affordable German lessons in Wiesbaden, I recommend my teacher, Désiré Staude. Because her lessons are offered via Skype, you can study Germany with Désiré if you’re stationed in Stuttgart, Grafenwoehr, or anywhere else in Germany, too.
(Note: This post is not sponsored in any way – I just hope to help other military families here connect with a good teacher.)

Désirée prepares for each student individually, and she’s flexible to your learning goals. If you email her your homework before your lessons, she’ll even grade the homework and send it back to you so that you have it in-hand to discuss/review during your lesson (rather than spending your class time reviewing homework together).

I wish I’d known Désirée when we arrived in Germany last year. I can’t imagine how much better my German would be now had I not lost so much time last summer waiting for the next affordable German language class to start on post. If you’re looking for German language lessons in Wiesbaden, visit Désirée’s website.

Online German lessons with Desiree Staude


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  1. Another option I want to mention is going to the library. If you are a registered Army library patron, then you can access the language software online at home. It won’t work if teaching yourself isn’t your thing (like you said) but it is free and easy to use.

  2. As a fellow student of Desiree’s, I agree that my German has improved leaps and bounds since our USO course & continued via Video chat.

  3. I am pretty late, but I am very glad to read your post, Melissa! Thank you very much!!! <3

  4. Hi,
    I am looking for tutor help for my 7th grade daughter Sophia. We have been in Germany since Sept 2015 and she goes to ISF school Franfurt, we live in Wiesbaden. This is her second year of German classes and she is having a hard time.

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