From Overweight to Triathlete: The Shrinking Dad’s Story

This is a guest post written by my college friend, Mike Franklin. Come back next Friday for Part 2 in Mike’s story.

From Overweight to Triathlete: This Dad Got HealthyMy story doesn’t actually start at my heaviest weight. It begins way before that.

Most of my life I have been “Big Mike”, at one point I had even been given the nickname “Fluffy”. I have always been a big guy, wore clothes from the husky section as a kid etc… My weight was been a struggle for me most of my life.

A Drastic Change

In 2012 I was about 275-285 pounds, and my wife had our first child. A beautiful little girl. I knew I needed to change something to be there for my family. Then 18 short months later my wife gave us a second equally beautiful daughter. Now I needed to do something drastic.

By this point I had gotten very lazy in my personal life. I was working as a Deputy Sheriff on a lot of night shifts, and not very active. My health was in a downward spiral and I now had two daughters that I wanted to see grow up. I had been on blood pressure meds for a couple of years now and had been told I should expect to be on them for life. Now it was time to move across the country.

My wife is active duty Air Force so we moved from my home state of Louisiana — where everything is fried — to Maryland, which lends itself to a much healthier lifestyle. When we made the move I had to go see the doctor at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where my wife was going to be stationed for the next year. This doc looked at me and basically said:

Mike, you are over 300lbs and on the highest level of blood pressure meds for this particular medicine. If something doesn’t change we are going to have to put you on more meds, or a combination of medications.”

Hitting Rock Bottom

That was rock bottom for me. I was 307lbs, in the absolute worst shape I could be in, and I was still trying to tell myself that it wasn’t “that bad”. Well, it was. NOW it was time to do something about it. So in order to do what I needed to do, I turned to the two things I loved: endurance sports and weight lifting.

I started looking for a triathlon to do. I had done two 70.3’s (half Ironman triathlons) before, so when I found one in the area that was just under a year away I jumped at it. I am also an AdvoCare distributor, so I decided that I would start using more of the products that I had at my disposal to assist in my weight loss.

I didn’t really have a plan going forward at this point. I just knew that I needed to drop weight and get stronger at swimming, biking, and running.

Come back next Friday to read the next chapter in my story…

The-Shrinking-Dad-1bThis post is part of a series of guest posts written by friend, Mike Franklin. Mike and I, and his wife Kelly, have known each other since college, when we marched together in the Spirit of Northwestern (SON) Marching Band at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Fork ’em Demons!

I admire Mike’s dedication to taking better care of his health, and I hope that his story inspires you. I hope you’ll come back to the blog to reach all five of Mike’s great guest posts; and to see his incredible before and after pictures. 

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  1. What an inspiring man! Thanks for sharing, and will look forward to future ‘Mike’ posts!

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