Fourth of July Weekend in Paris

Nick and I spent our Fourth of July weekend in Paris, France, wandering historic streets, taking pictures of gold-gilded doms and gates, and seeing some of Paris’ most famous landmarks (see our pictures, below).

We’re still discovering our travel style as a couple, and this confirmed our suspicions that we aren’t the charter-bus-guided-tour types — we’d rather walk or rent bikes than ride in a bus or car.

We’re also nerdy travelers. We can spent hours in museums or at historic sites trying to understand their context and history.

It was so exciting to see The Eiffel Tower, Montmarte, Notre Dame, and even the Moulin Rouge! And we didn’t take it for granted that we were together this year after spending last Fourth of July separated by a deployment.

I hope that you enjoy these pictures of our trip, and that your Fourth of July was filled with friends, family, and whatever else makes the holiday feel special for you.







What’s your family’s travel style?

Did you travel for the Fourth of July holiday?

Have you been to Paris?

Would you rather travel on your own or with a tour guide?

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  1. Paris? Never been, but looks fabulous! My husband has no real desire to visit France, except Normandy. Our travel style really depends on the destination. In Hawaii and New Zealand we rented a car… in Europe we traveled by train with backpacks (though that was before kids, so not sure how we’d do it now). We are not tour group people, either. We prefer to do our own thing, and give ourselves some grace over the itinerary.

    We don’t get to travel nearly as often as we used to (3 plane tickets is expensive!), though we are taking the kids on a cruise in a couple weeks. Can’t wait!

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend!! Looks like a blast!

  2. We don’t do well with guided tours either. We took a cruise a number of years ago and loved it — except for the time on the ship…. We like to go at our own pace. I think that is the main reason why we haven’t followed through with some of our “dream” vacations: hiking/cycling Tuscany or Sicily, Barge Cycling European adventure, etc. We’re reluctant to sign up for something that might “trap” us for 7-8 days. My ideal vacation would be to cram a week’s worth of activities into 4 days and then come home and recover.

    • Jan, that doesn’t surprise me. You guys are so competent and you’re so detail-oriented when you plan trips that I’m fairly certain you don’t need a guide to get the most out of your vacation at this point.

  3. Beautiful pictures! It looks like Paris was fabulous and that y’all managed to squeeze a lot into a short few days.

    I like the idea of a guided tour and we’ve gone on some good ones before (Chichen Itza in Mexico stands out as a real winner.), but I think we’ve grown into people who do their own thing. After seeing a few European cities on our own, that’s what we are used to. We went on one guided tour via MWR to Prague. It was our least favorite trip of all of our time in Europe.

    • Amy, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about “growing into” the kind of people who do their own thing. Especially in international travel, I can appreciate the added comforts of group travel (less navigation of roads, language, etc.). We’ve done enough travel now that I think we’re comfortable moving around independently. Some of the “challenges” of international travel are the best parts for us!

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