Flaming Coffee, American Donuts, and More at the Rudesheim Christmas Market

Life-Sized Nativity Scene at Rudesheim Christmas Market on MillIGFunk.com

Of the 15 or 20 Christmas Markets we’ve visited in Europe, the Christmas Market in Rudesheim, Germany, is one of our absolute favorites. The town of Rudesheim is hilly and quaint, situated directly on the Rhine River. The area is known for Riesling production, so in the summer months you’ll see vineyards along the river’s banks. In winter, though, Rudesheim lights up for the Advent season.

Flaming Coffee, American Donuts, and More at the Rudesheim Christmas Market

Rudeshiemer Kaffee (or Rudesheim Coffee) is a world-famous flaming brandy coffee drink, and the cafes in Rudesheim almost all serve it. I was pregnant when we lived nearby, so I never tried the flaming coffee myself, but friends visiting from the States tried it when we took them to Rudesheim.

Rudesheim's Famous Flaming Coffee from MilliGFunk.com

The waitress didn’t just bring a cup of fiery coffee to the table, she had an entire presentation for my friends that included pouring the coffee, adding the liquor, and lighting the mix ablaze. It was neat to see, and my friends assured me that it wasn’t a weak drink, either.

After having our coffee, we entered the Christmas market. We almost immediately happened on “the most delicious hot mini donuts” in Germany! They were, in fact, pretty delicious, though we’re not sure why the vendor flew an American flag outside his booth (he didn’t appear to be American). The American donuts were a quirky highlight of the market.

Rudesheim Christmas Market's American Donuts on MilliGFunk.com

A Big Christmas Market that’s Spread Throughout the Town

Almost all German Christmas markets become increasingly crowded as the evening grows later. This is especially the case on weekends, when Christmas markets (and Gluhwein stands) are filled with merrymaking 20- and 30-somes.

One of the things we liked about the Rudesheim Christmas market is that even though it can get just as crowded as other area markets, the Rudesheim market is spread throughout the entire town. Every street has a row of vendors, open storefronts, and cozy restaurants.

The Rudesheim Christmas Market on MilliGFunk.comIf the main street running parallel to the river is too busy, you can get further from the biggest throngs of people by turning down one of the quaint little side streets and walking up the hill to the next block. Going to the markets earlier in the evening or late in the afternoon (as we did when I took this picture of Rudesheim Christmas market) is another good way to avoid the busiest market hours.

With its flaming coffee, American donuts, and more, the Rudesheim Christmas Market is one of our favorite Christmas markets in Germany. Have you been to Germany’s holiday markets? What’s your favorite?

Flaming Coffee, American Donuts and More at the Rudesheim Christmas Market via MilliGFunk.com

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  1. We enjoyed all of the markets we went to with you, but this was a favorite of ours, too. The town is so quaint, and I loved that beautiful nativity!

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