Fingerless Mitts from Moon of Silver

Fingerless Gloves by Moon of SilverDisclosure: Carolynn from Moon of Silver sent me these fingerless mitts free in exchange for a little bit of love from the MilliGFunk blog and social media accounts.

Y’all, these fingerless gloves from Moon of Silver are just awesome. I don’t know what kind of yarn Carolynn used, but it made for some of the softest, warmest mittens I own. Also? They’re really stinkin’ cute: I’ve already gotten several compliments on them.

I “met” Carolynn online through a mutual blogging friend, Vanessa, over at Bible, Beer and BabiesI use “met” loosely, since I’ve never met either of these ladies in person. Vanessa and I have been blog friends now for well over a year, and I think her combination of Lutheran theological exploration and beer blogging is pretty epic.

Vanessa wrote a feature post and did a giveaway featuring Carolynn’s Etsy shop earlier this fall. I saw the post and fell in love with Carolynn’s work. When she offered me a free item from her shop in exchange for a blog post, I jumped at the chance to promote her stuff: online and as a real-life product model. Product modeling adorable, soft, and warm mittens is totally up my alley, especially since mittens hide my mostly-crooked, less-than-perfect phalanges.

Carolynn is a work-at-home momma loves knitting. She created her Etsy shop, Moon of Silver, to try to make what she loves doing into a viable job. Knitting for a living definitely beats working at a call center or flipping burgers. Won’t you please give some retweet love, share love, or—or better yet—transactional love to this sweet momma?

Here’s a link to Carolynn’s Moon of Silver Etsy Shop, just in time for Christmas.

Moon of Silver Etsy Shop

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  1. Those are the most awesome mitts ever!!! And yes, I’m quite curious what yarn she uses, because I’ve never encountered anything so soft!

    (And thanks for the shout outs, too 🙂 I didn’t expect those!)

  2. Nooo! She closed her shop! I’m going to have to figure out how to make these b/c my hands get so cold typing!

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