Family Run Days

We have an epic ice cream shop in our neighborhood, so here’s not a weekend when I wouldn’t rather take a 5 minute family walk to the ice cream shop than an 8 or 9 or 10 mile family run. This spring, though, we spent our weekends doing family run days. That time together was a commitment to our health, and I hope it inspires you and your family to look for ways to get outside and get active together.

Family-9-Mile-Run-MilliGFunkOur family run days are about more than running; they’re about togetherness, communication, teamwork, and a vision we both have for the next 40 years together: we both want to stay healthy and active as far into our lives as we’re able to be.

During family run days, we talk about things there’s never enough time to discuss mid-week. We learn about each other’s annoyances, too, since it’s easier to hit hot buttons by accident when you’re both feeling fatigued.

Running might be a solitary sport, but when you bring a 50-pound puppy and a baby along for the ride, it takes teamwork to make sure everybody’s doing okay throughout the run.


Healthy living is about more than just running, though. Healthy living is about making more healthy decisions than unhealthy ones. It’s about moving your body on a regular basis in whatever way your body will let you (walking, swimming, taking the stairs, or riding your bike). It’s also about nutrition — putting whole foods into your body that give you the energy you need without all the extras you don’t — mental health, and proper rest.

What Does Healthy Living Mean to Your Family?

What does healthy living mean for your family? Do you have regular routines that make healthy, active living part of your family’s lifestyle?

It’s never too late to start new traditions like a walk through the neighborhood after dinner, a family bike ride on the weekends, or taking your kids to the park to play more often than you already do.

Family runs days are something we enjoy, but your active time together can be whatever makes sense for you and your family! I’d love to connect with you where you’re at in your own health and wellness journey, so please leave a comment for me on the blog that’ll help me share future posts that help motivate and inspire you in your own healthy lifestyle!

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