Exploring Kallmünz Castle Ruins

DSC_7851Kallmünz, Germanyis charming medieval town of about 3,000 people with cobblestone alleyways, gently leaning old buildings, a medieval stone bridge, and the ruins of a castle, which a friend recently took me to see for the first time.

What I’ve read online about the ruins is that the earliest castle walls were built in the 900s, and that the castle itself was constructed in the mid-1300s. It was destroyed by fire in 1504, was rebuilt during the Thirty Years War, and was then “plundered” in the mid-1600s. All that remains of the castle now are crumbling walls and beautiful views.

There are a few different trails you can take to reach the top of the cliff that the ruins stand on. The various approaches are each relatively short (15-30 minutes walk from bottom to top), but are fairly steep and rough.

DSC_7857The trail we hiked began at a trailhead on a small street called Vilsgasse, east of ST 2165.

If you enlarge the photo of the map, here, our trailhead was just beneath the back wheel of the tractor icon.

I also took a photo of the entrance to the trail. You’ll notice a stone marker that says “zur Burg” in the bottom left of the shot. To reach the trailhead, follow the driveway you see on the right. The entrance to the trail is at the end of the driveway on the righthand side.

DSC_7853As we climbed the hill toward the castle, a summer storm blew through, forcing my friend and I, both wearing our babies, to take cover under a wide stone archway. Cool rain blew down around us and traffic moved along the highways far below.

Once the storm passed, we explored the ruins and took in the Castle’s fantastic views over the countryside. Eventually we made our way back down the hill and into the town, where we wandered, enjoying the cobblestone alleys and beautiful old buildings.

DSC_7844If you make it to Kallmünz, don’t forget your camera. the views from the top of the cliff where the castle sits are stunning, even on a rainy day. I can only imagine how beautiful they must be when it’s clear out.


The town of Kallmünz is approximately 15 (12.5 km) minutes southeast of Hohenfels, Bavaria. The Kallmünz Castle sits high on a cliff above the confluence of the River Naab and the River Vils.


More Photos from Kallmünz Castle Ruins:

DSC_7840 DSC_7839DSC_7850

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