Eagles and geese and snakes, oh my!

When I say I live in small town Missouri, I’m being generous. I actually live in the middle of a massive forest more than ten miles from the nearest small town. As a result, I’m surrounded by wildlife.

On today’s walk, Rosie and I encountered the usual squirrels and birds. When geese began to honk our way, Rosie’s excitement was nearly uncontrollable.  It was when I looked toward the geese that I noticed the bald eagle soaring above our heads twenty yards or so ahead. It elegantly swept down from the sky towards the lake, wings spread wide and white head & feet clearly visible.

As we continued our walk, Rosie chased a few more squirrels, a number of bugs, and a butterfly. As we approached the end of our walk, she darted forward to explore what I quickly realized was a baby snake. After yanking her leash back to keep her away from the snake, I picker her up in my arms and stood very still.

The snake didn’t move, so I edged around the snake, trying not to disturb it. Once I realized the snake had been killed, my curiosity got the better of me. I snapped a few pictures, and I’d tried researching Missouri snakes online. The only success I achieved in my research was to give myself the heeby-jeebies.

I ruled out rattle snakes, green snakes, black snakes, king snakes, and copperheads. It’s not a worm snake, a scarlet snake, a garter snake, or a yellow-bellied racer. I don’t think it’s a rat snake, a fox snake, a mud snake or a hog-nosed snake. It’s definitely not a coachwhip or a red milk snake, and it really doesn’t look like any of the water snakes I read about.

Do you know what kind of snake this is? My curiosity has the better of me, so I’d love to know what kind of snake you think this might be:

Baby snake in Small Town MO

Baby Snake in Small Town, MO

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  1. Wow, sounds like Rosie and you had a really good walk at finding things for Rosie to “talk” about. 🙂
    Wish I could help you out on what kind of snake it is. You named a few good ones I thought of.

  2. Ugh…my guess was going to be a rat snake, but it sounds like you’ve ruled that one out. Let us know what you find out!

  3. Baby snakes? Now, I have a Zappa song stuck in my head! My guess is a Western Earth Snake. Seeing the belly would help.

    • I’m leaning towards Western Earth Snake, too. I visited the dead snake again after doing some research online, flipping the snake over. The belly was pale – almost whitish – fitting the Wester Earth Snake description.

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