DIY Annie Sloan Baby Furniture

The Project:

Refinishing a Used Crib & Changing Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The Time:

Painting Time: Approx. 6 hours (2 coats)
Waxing Time: Approx 8 hours (3 coats)
TOTAL TIME: Approx. 14 hours

The Costs:

Crib: $75
Changing Table:
$15 Paint: 16.50€ (1 can “Versailles” paint)
Wax: 32€ (2 cans clear wax)
TOTAL COST: $155.85

We refinished a used crib and changing table for our baby’s nursery using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Today’s post is all about that project and what it was like using Annie Sloan products.

Annie Sloan is a great choice for refinishing nursery furniture because:

  • The paints are water-based and safe both for pregnant mom and baby.
  • You don’t have to sand or otherwise strip the previous finish from furniture before applying Annie Sloan (who wants to sand down every slat on a crib?).

Annie Sloan Baby Crib - Before
Painting with Annie Sloan

Applying the paint was a breeze. It had almost no odor, and it was fun to watch the color come to life after each coat. I was going for a shabby chic effect (which is probably what Annie Sloan is best-known for), so I used a dry brushing technique that left a little bit of the original dark brown wood stain peeking through here and there. When I’d finished three coats of paint on crib and changing table, it was time to seal the paint.

Annie Sloan Wax

Chalk paint is porous, so if it isn’t properly sealed, it’ll hold all the dirt and oils that touch it. This is where Annie Sloan Wax comes in.

There are two kinds of wax: clear wax and dark wax. The clear wax doesn’t alter the color of the paint, while the dark wax (from what I’ve read and the pictures) adds a darkened, antiqued look to the color of the paint. I wanted to keep the nursery looking bright, so I bought clear wax.

What I didn’t know was that, unlike Annie Sloan paint, Annie Sloan wax is definitely not pregnancy-friendly. The smell was overwhelming after only a few minutes, and I quickly realized I would need to call in reinforcements. My mom applied the first coat of wax during a visit from the U.S. (I felt like Daughter of the Year, putting her to work on her vacation), and my husband took over from there. The wax was not easy to apply.

It goes on very thick, and excess must be removed with a rag. This process left tiny little pieces of wax all over the nursery, though thankfully most of it landed on the blue tarp you can see in the first picture, above.

After the second coat (his first) of wax, I could tell that waxing furniture wasn’t my husband’s idea of a good time. By the third coat, I thought he might kill me. By the time he was finished, he’d made it pretty clear to me that this wasn’t his idea of a fun way to spend his days off.

Finished Annie Sloan Baby Nursery
The Finished Nursery

In the end, we both love how the nursery turned out. Because we move so frequently, we needed the personality of the nursery to travel easily. Rather than painting walls, I brought as much color as I could into the portable parts of the nursery: the furniture, bedding, and accessories.

Have you used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? What did you think?

How do you help your child’s room move with you from one duty station to the next?

Leave a comment: I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. I just bought AS paint when we were in Wiesbaden! 🙂 Did you watch videos on waxing? From what I’ve watched & from what my friend told me you use very little wax and it’s an easy process and only 1 coat is needed. 1 can of wax should be enough to do several pieces of furniture! LOL.

  2. This looks great. An amazing upcycle! wax is great a great sealer I find

  3. Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax isn’t safe to use when pregnant. You can read the data sheets online.
    The only safe paint and wax is Frenchic.

    • Interesting! When I was pregnant the first time around, everything I could find said that the paint was, in fact, pregnancy-friendly, but that the wax wasn’t. My poor husband and mom did all the waxing for me!

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