Diary of Slovenia Day 4: Atlantis Water Park

I’m so excited for our night tonight! Right now, both Nick and Small Shaw are napping in our dark hotel room, but I’ve decided to push through. I don’t sleep well at night when I’m pregnant anyway, so a midday nap will probably make me more likely to toss and turn tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I said that I’m excited. Here’s why! At 7:30, we start a Slovenian Evening event through Slovenian cultural heritage and tourism firm Zidana Marela. We’ll get to try traditional Slovenian foods, see (and maybe even try!) Slovenian dance, hear Slovenian music, and more. The restaurant where tonight’s event is held us just a five minute walk from our hotel, so we don’t have to worry about driving in Ljubljana. I can’t wait!

We did something similar to this dinner when we visited Budapest, Hungary in 2012. We were pregnant with Small Shaw then, and the evening is one I still remember pretty vividly. We got to choose between two prix fix menus for dinner, and after eating, we sat in the front row of a tiny little private stage/venue where a Hungarian folk band played music for us for over an hour.

Budapest Klezmer Music Show on www.MilliGFunk.com

I studied music in college, so I love hearing music and seeing musical instruments from around the world. Our Budapest experience didn’t disappoint, which makes me even more excited about tonight’s show.

Outside of Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com

We spent the first half of the day today at a Slovenian indoor water park called Atlantis. We wanted to do some things on this trip that designed were for Small Shaw and completely kid-friendly. The water park was a huge win.

Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com
Atlantis offers indoor and outdoor pools, a spa and sauna, salon service, massage, and more. You can pay for what you’re going to use without paying for the other areas, so we were able to pay for entrance to the indoor pools without paying for access to the spas and sauna. For around €22, we got four hours of playtime in several pools, including a great little corner just for small children.

Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.comThe baby pool was only about two feet deep in the deepest places. There were gentle fountains, a shallow little stream, and an area that was both shallow and totally free of steps or other obstacles. Little walkers could wade into this part of the baby pool,. Since it never got more than a few inches deep, babies could even crawl or lay on their tummies in the water with their heads above the water. It was perfect.

Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.comThere were other pools, too, including a large indoor wave pool, and a smaller pool that had lots of fun water-shooting guns and fountains that the older kids could play with. The last indoor pool that we saw had a few different deep areas for swimming and playing that were all connected by channels that were about four feet deep. We walked Small Shaw through the channels so that she could practice kicking her legs, getting the feel for what real swimming will feel like as she gets older.

Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com
Nick grew up swimming, so I think it’s always special when he gets to spend time with Small Shaw in the pool. He and his sister swam competitively from childhood through high school, and his sister even swam in college. He was a lifeguard, too, so I just love seeing him teach Small Shaw things that I’d never think of. At less than two, she’s already putting her face in the water and blowing air out through her mouth and nose while Daddy joins her. I just love it.

Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.comPart of our plan today was to wear Small Shaw out enough that she’d take a long, hard, midday nap. Our Slovenian Evening dinner doesn’t start until 7:30, which is just about the time we usually start to get her ready for bed. As I type this, she’s been asleep for somewhere just over three hours, so I think our plan worked.

I just hope that she’s her rested, adorable self tonight at dinner! Like most almost-two-year-olds, she’s sort of a terror when she’s out in public and over tired.

Fingers crossed, we have an awesome night!

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