Diary of Slovenia Day 2: In Photos

A Diary of Slovenia Day 2 — in photos! Beautiful mountain landscapes & the Christmas market in Kranjska Gora Slovenia.

Today, I’ve got a Diary of Slovenia Day 2: In Photos for you. We walked more than seven miles in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia on our second day of vacation. We saw manmade waterfalls, dry lake beds, frozen-over lakes, mountains, valleys, skiers, playgrounds, and more. Here’s a photo journal of our second day in Slovenia.

the Mountains from Kranjska GoraReka Pisnica in Manmade Waterfalls in Kranjska Gora

We left our hotel in the morning for a walk up into the mountains. Kranjska Gora is one of Slovenia’s most popular ski towns, but since I’m pregnant (and not a very good skier), we decided to get in some outdoors time that kept both of my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Our walk rewarded us with beautiful mountain views and a visit to a manmade dam with a double waterfall. There was a pebble beach at the lower waterfall, which made us think that the falls are probably a popular swimming hole in the summer months. Seriously, how pretty is this?

Manmade Waterfalls in Kranjska Gora Manmade Waterfalls in Kranjska Gora Long Walk in Kranjska Gora

Small Shaw is learning new words every day. In a single day she might start using two or three words that she’s never used before. One of her favorites lately is “duck”. She uses “duck” to mean any sort of bird, but she also knows a real duck when she sees one. This little pool of ducks that we came across just past the waterfalls made her super duper happy.

Ducks in Kranjska Gora

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run down into the dry lake bed for this next photo. I mean, seriously. This landscape is God’s country. It’s so beautiful, and there was no one else there. I felt like a mountain adventurer, discovering a place where no one had been before! Just ignore the parking area just beside the dry lake bed, okay? 😉

Dry Lakebed in Kranjska Gora

Just beside the dry lake bed were two side-by-side lakes, both of which were completely frozen over. Here are my two favorite people in front of the first frozen lake:
Frozen Lake in Kranjska Gora Frozen Lake in Kranjska Gora

Nick wanted to take my picture sitting out on one of the icy lake’s docks, so we walked passed the first group of tourists to another dock nearby that was empty. I’m not sure if he loves me (he wanted to take my picture in a beautiful place!) or hates me (he made me sit on a frost-covered dock wearing thin leggings!), but I thought the picture of me and the Bump turned out absolutely beautiful:

24.5 Weeks Pregnant in Kranjska Gora

Once I realized that the dock was frosty but not actually icy (so not slick), I took Small Shaw out on the dock with me for a couple of shots. If I hadn’t promised myself I’d spend less time on Facebook in the New Year, this image would already be my new Facebook header.

Frozen Lake in Kranjska Gora

I just loved the way this next hillside reflected in the frozen lake beneath it. Part of the water is covered in ice, but the shallowest area is still liquid. The stillness of the water provides a near-perfect reflection while the ice and snow add a little bit of geographical context and texture to the shot.

Frozen Lake in Kranjska Gora

One of my favorite parts of days like this one is the opportunity to experiment with  my camera. My Nikon D7000 has hundreds of settings, so I try to practice shooting in different ways, using different settings, when I can.

This next photo was shot in aperture mode (in automatic, because I was too cold to shoot in manual!). My goal was to pull the antelope (mountain goat? What is he, exactly?) in as the subject, with the mountains blurred out behind him. Overall, I got the effect I was looking for:

Frozen Lake in Kranjska Gora

As we walked back down the mountain from the lakes and waterfalls, Small Shaw gave us a hearty laugh. No matter how many times we tried to tuck her hands into her stroller blanket, she pulled them back out. Finally, in one last battle of the wills, she put her hands up to the sides of her head and dramatically stated, “hands stuck!”.

Obviously, since her hands were “stuck” up in the air, we couldn’t force them back into her stroller blanket again. We laughed so hard, but she was dead serious. Check out the expression on her face. She’s not messing around:

Long Walk in Kranjska Gora

After a lot of sitting in her stroller, we thought that Small Shaw deserved some time to run play. We made our way back into the heart of Kranjska Gora, where we found a place for her to run, swing, and slide. While she and Daddy played, I made a hot chocolate run. We stayed outside until lunch, then headed back to the hotel for Small Shaw’s naptime.

Playground in Kranjska Gora Playground in Kranjska Gora
After her nap we drove to a neighboring town that we thought might have some additional walking paths. The paths were short, and dusk (with its colder air) was quickly drawing down around us. We took a much shorter walk than we’d taken that morning, then headed back to Kranjska Gora for dinner and the Christmas market.

Kranjska Gora

The Christmas market in Kranjska Gora was small, but cozy. There was a fire pit, music, and vendors selling hot drinks. The craft vendors sold products that were local to Slovenia, like wool sweaters, hats, and gloves, and Slovenia apple products. We picked up some delivious Slovenian apple chips and cider!

Kranjska Gora Kranjska Gora DSC_3484Did my Christmas market photos catch your eye?
Check out more Christmas markets that we’ve visited in Europe right here!

All in all, our first full day in Slovenia was a great one. We got lots of exercise, and we spent lots of time enjoying the town, countryside, and culture of Kranjska Gora. We saw mountains, waterfalls, a Christmas market and ski slopes, but we also had time for a midday nap and some time on the playground.

We spent six days in Slovenia, and I’ll be writing about all six of them in my Diary of Slovenia! Watch the MilliGFunk Facebook page to see when each of the next in this series publishes.

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