Day 8 of My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

On May 12th I kicked off a personal 30 Day Pinterest Challenge. “Does deleting pins help increase Pinterest engagement?” I wondered.

Here’s a screenshot of my Pinterest analytics on May 12th, before deleting any pins:

Pinterest Analytics MilliGFunk

After eight days of gradually deleting pins, two interesting things have happened:

  1. My follower count has fallen — not drastically, but it fell from 630 to 620.
  2. My engagement increased quite a bit. My average daily impressions are up from 895 to 969 and my average monthly viewers are up from 8,367 to 18,451.

8 Day Check-In: 30-Day Pinterest Challenge on

In my 30 Day Pinterest Challenge post, I told you that my Pinterest activity from my own blog was pretty horrible. Eight days later, and with only a few deleted pins, my average daily impressions have come up just a bit, from 37 to 44. Traffic on Pinterest

I still have 22 days to go, and I’m curious how my numbers will change in those next 22 days. Will my daily impressions continue to increase? What will happen with my average monthly engagement? And will Pinterest drive new readers to as a result of my 30 Day Pinterest Challenge?

My blog traffic has historically come first from search engines and second from Facebook. Pinterest has been a distant third. Maybe that will change? I guess we’ll see.

To read more about my 3-Part Plan for My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge, you can read the original post right here.

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