Day 15 of My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

I kicked off a personal 30 Day Pinterest Challenge 15 days ago. “Does deleting pins help increase Pinterest engagement?” I wondered. It’s beginning to look like it does. Keep reading to learn more.

Here’s what my Pinterest Analytics looked like on May 12th (Day 1):

Pinterest Analytics MilliGFunk

And here’s what they look like today, May 26th (Day 15):

MilliGFunk's 30 Day Pinterest Challenge - Day 15

  • My Average Daily Impressions have gone up from 895 to 1,073,
  • My Average Monthly Viewers have more than doubled — from 8,367 to 17,394, and
  • My Average Daily Impressions have risen from 40 to 84.

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Pinterest Activity &

I’ve also been tracking my Pinterest activity as it relates to my blog, My stats were pretty horrendous when I started my little Pinterest Challenge, and they haven’t improved much.

I’ve been focused on cleaning up my Pinterest Boards and deleting unloveable Pins for now. I’ve ignored how I promote my blog on the site, taking a totally haphazard and competely non-strategic approach. That’ll begin to change over the last two weeks of the challenge, though it’ll take more than fifteen days to make the kind of improvements I need to make (social media doesn’t happen overnight).

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Here’s what my Pinterest Activity from looked like on Day 1:

30 Day Pinterest Challenge MilliGFunk

And Here’s what it looks like on Day 15:

MilliGFunk's Pinterest Activity - 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

The Final 15 Days

This little 30 Day Pinterest Challenge has been fascinating. In the first eight days my follower count fell, but my engagement increased. Fifteen days into the challenge, things are looking even better. What will the next fifteen days hold? I guess time will tell. Come back to MilliGFunk in mid-June to find out!

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