DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Toddlers

Finished DIY Felt Christmas Tree on

If you’ve got young kids and you’ve been on Pinterest or Facebook this winter, you’ve undoubtedly seen the DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Toddlers project trending in your news feeds. My friend and fellow Army wife, Jen, is a really talented creative type. She and I both wanted to make … Continue reading

The Free Animal Park Near Hohenfels that Your Kids Will Love

Small Shaw at the Höllohe Animal Park Near Hohenfels

About: Wildlife park Höllohe is the free animal park near Hohenfels that your kids will love. There are 30 hectacres of paved and gravel paths, penned and field-roaming wildlife, and even flower and herb gardens. Founded in 1989, the park is run by a committee of volunteers. Their website is … Continue reading

When You Aren’t as Good as You Could Be

I dearly love Ira Glass’s work for This American Life. His story telling has compelled me listen to the same episodes of the show over and over again. The stories never get old to me because he tells them so well.

I think I’m an alright storyteller, but the thing is this: I have a good enough ear for good stories to know that my own are nowhere near as good as I want them to be. They’re nowhere near as good as they could be.

That’s why this two-minute clip from Ira Glass on Storytelling resonates with me. Are you a creator of something? Do you know enough about your field to know that your work isn’t there yet — but that it could be?

Check out this video clip. Ira might give you just the inspiration you need to keep moving forward when you feel like quitting — when you aren’t as good as you could be.

Thanks to my good friend Tamar at Tamar Wallace Photography for sharing this video with me this week!

Schofield Strategies Guest Post

Amy Schofield is a military wife with a background in recruiting, career coaching, and resume writing. Amy uses her experiences to help individuals, companies, and nonprofits, including military spouses. Depending on your spouse’s job in the military, your career will require different degrees of portability. Some service members are able to keep … Continue reading

The Milli Meets the Funk: 8 Years of Blogging

I’m in the process of merging eight years of blogging from two different domains into one site: The process is technical: I have 50+ categories to sort through, redirects to establish, and decisions to make about domain ownership and branding. The process is also an emotional one, reminding me … Continue reading

69 Pricks on My Back

  Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya? I was allergy tested today, and I sure wish my husband were home with me tonight to pamper me a little bit. After 69 pricks into the skin of my back and somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 shots in … Continue reading

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