Traveling Light

I’ve been missing New York City a lot lately. Yesterday I started looking at pictures from my move back to Missouri, and when I did, I realized there were things I had intended to blog (about my move) that I wasn’t able to at the time for logistical reasons. Case … Continue reading

Brooklyn Arrives in the Lou

Today my friend Michael Hearst arrived from NYC with bandmate Ron for a performance of his project “Songs for Ice Cream Trucks” tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm the St. Louis Art Museum. As is evidenced by my lack of blogging over the last seven days, I’ve had a hellacious week, … Continue reading

More Gentle and More Beautiful

As a kid, I wasn’t afraid of much, but I was scared of what was beneath the surface of lakes, oceans, seas, gulfs or streams. Any natural water source that was too deep for me to see the bottom of terrified me. Our hearts are like those lakes, oceans, seas, … Continue reading

Missing Brooklyn

I’ve been missing Brooklyn this weekend in a serious way. In looking at Brooklyn blogs tonight, I found this one, talking about Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where I worked. There’s a photo and a short blurb about a 70 year old man who loves BBG and loves Facebook. It then talks … Continue reading

The Future of Independent Film

The Brooklynite in me wants to believe that the future of independent film is in a loft somewhere in Williamsburg where a couple of hipster dudes are hanging out, experimenting with crazy new ideas and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. The proud small town girl in me would love to believe … Continue reading

NYC Food Lover Lost in SEMO

I’ve lived in New York City, so it should go without saying that I’m hurting for good food in St. Louis. Or should it? At Friday night’s #stl #tweet-up, @Tojosan and @MattHomann, determined to convince me that St. Louis isn’t just BBQ and steak, drafted a list for me of … Continue reading

The New York Minute

I used to listen to The Eagles often. The lyrics of the last stanza of the song, “New York Minute” say, What the head makes cloudy The heart makes very clear The days were so much brighter In the time when she was here But I know there’s somebody somewhere … Continue reading

Photo on

Good news! This week, I received a note on flickr from, requesting use of one my photos of Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Check out my flickr pool here. I’ll let you know when this photo makes it live on’s New York City site. An addition to the excitement about … Continue reading

Lemons or Lemonade: A Blog in two Parts

Part One: I’m grouchy today. Missouri is so nice, and people here are so nice. It’s all so…NICE. Where’s the grit? Where’s the texture? Where’s the edge? Oh, that’s right. It’s Missouri. It’s not gritty or textured or edgy. It’s nice. Photo by smalltowngirl Thank God for blogging, FB, and … Continue reading

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