Letter to New York

Dear New York City, I’ve not forgotten you. Even as I lace up the hiking boots that I’m wearing to work today, I haven’t forgotten you. Even though I swore to myself a year ago that I’d never wear them to the office, I still remember you. As I look … Continue reading

Microbreweries, Realizations, and Peace in Letting Go

On December 30th, we sat in Tommyknockers Brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado. In front of us were ten tiny mugs of beer and copious amounts of food. We’d just spent a day driving to Colorado from Missouri in a four wheel drive pick-up truck, which made my small town self … Continue reading

Aching Throbbing Loneliness (I Miss NY)

It’s not just New York that I miss, but then again, it’s probably never place, separate from the rest of life, that anyone misses. For the last two days, I’ve missed New York City with an aching, depressing, loneliness that only hits at the end of the day, when my … Continue reading

$2.50 Pizza

It’s Saturday night, and I’m craving pizza. Specifically, I’m craving a slice of “Not Phil’s” pizza in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Since I figured there was no real replacement for New York-style pizza in rural Southeast Missouri, however, I went for what was on sale at Wal-Mart. Let it be known that … Continue reading

The Brooklyn Bridge

On Sunday, I meandered through the small town streets of  Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, camera in hand. Ste. Genevieve is a truly beautiful and historic town, but the part of Ste. Gen I’d like to share with you this morning is just a simple store front window with my reflection in … Continue reading

Cross Dressing Puppies: A Political Commentary

Last Saturday I was at the Moses Austin Festival in Potosi, Missouri, and yesterday I was at the Fall Festival in Farmington, Missouri. On both occasions, I witnessed dogs wearing skirts. Why dress a dog in a skirt? Because it’s hiLARious. The only thing funnier than a dog in a … Continue reading

The Magic Number is… (NYC=0; MO=1!)

By far, one of the best parts of moving back to my hometown this spring has been the daily excitement about the Cardinals. I grew up watching games with my family from (amazing) seats three rows back from first base, just past the dugout. I’ve seen games in New Busch … Continue reading


I didn’t live in NYC in 2001, so it didn’t occur to me that I could have seen the World Trade Towers from my apartment until I saw these spotlights last year from my bedroom window. In the Midwest, we see 9/11 as a large scale event. We’re compassionate, but … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s

NYC = 0; MO = 1 Why? Because in NYC, the Trader Joe’s in Union Square typically has a line that winds so far through the store that employees need to stand throughought the store holding signs that say things like “Line Starts Here” or signs with arrows pointing in … Continue reading

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