Is Small Town Missouri More Dangerous than Brooklyn?

I think it’s fair to say that the average person would assume life in Brooklyn to be far more thrilling and way more dangerous than life in a Missouri town of just over 2,500 people.  On the average day in said tiny Missouri town, the average person’s assumption might be … Continue reading

Missouri Meetings & Events

With snow falling outside and Greg Brown music playing softly in my cabin, Rosie sleeps on my bed and I click “send” on the email containing my most recent magazine story. Although I can’t help but miss Brooklyn, mornings like this one are pretty much idyllic. There thousands of people … Continue reading

Glad I’m Not in Brooklyn

The first year I lived in Brooklyn, I had only been working in my job for six weeks or so when the holidays arrived. Because I didn’t have any vacation time to use, I had to fly back from St. Louis to New York City on Christmas day. I remember … Continue reading

Why I Left New York Part III

Towards the end of my years in Taiwan and New York, I was beginning to get a better idea of what I wanted for myself and my life. I had identified financial, professional, and values-based goals for myself. Let’s start with the most tangible and easily quantifiable goal; money. When I … Continue reading

Why I Left New York Part II

I moved back to Missouri in part because I was on a journey to discover what “home” really meant to me. In many ways Brooklyn was the place that felt the most like home to me of everywhere I’d lived and traveled. I came to Brooklyn expecting to take a … Continue reading

Why I Left New York Part I

The question I’ve probably heard more than any other single question since February of 2009 is “Why did you move from New York to rural Missouri?”  Some decisions aren’t simple, and my move “home” to Missouri was one of them. Let me start by explaining the quotes around the word … Continue reading

Lower East Side Knitted Bicycle

When it comes to public art and bicycles, New York City and small town Missouri seem to have a shared interest. Somewhere on the Lower East Side of Manhattan sits – for lack of a better description – a bicycle in a sweater. I wonder if someone knitted the bike … Continue reading

Small Town Life is Good

I just have to tell you how great small town Missouri life has been to me in 2010, and by telling you about all of this, I think you’ll understand why I’ve been posting less often on A Small Town Girl’s Guide – I’ve been out doing so many things … Continue reading


Music is, without question, my first love.  I loved music before I loved boys. I loved music before I had a best girl friend. I loved music before I came to terms with God. There nothing that comes closer to reflecting the depths of me than certain songs, albums, and … Continue reading

Small Town Girl’s 1 Year Anniversary

Today was my remarkably unremarkable one-year anniversary in my small town Missouri job. Coincidentally, I’m wearing the same Columbia fleece tonight that I’m wearing in this post, written the day I moved from Brooklyn, New York back to rural Missouri last February. In my first year back in my home … Continue reading

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