10 Days in Brooklyn

It’s Lincoln’s birthday, which means that it’s a floating office holiday. I had to work for a few hours, but now it’s time to enjoy a gorgeous day outside by stealing my own Shake Shack virginity, and taking a walk in Manhattan with my camera. Countless people have asked me … Continue reading

The I’ll Miss (or Not) List

It’s time to begin documenting the journey back to the big M.O. I guess that it makes sense that I’d eventually make my way back to the place where I grew up. The difference between here and there are so fully complementary that it’s hard to quantify one place as … Continue reading

Anticipating the Future; the Present Becoming the Past

I still have just over a month before I start my new job in Missouri, and already I’m fighting the urge to fill every anticipated free moment with an activity of one kind or another after I’ve arrived. I’ve researched intramural sports teams (dodgeball, whiffleball, kickball) in St. Louis. I’ve … Continue reading

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