Anticipating the Future; the Present Becoming the Past

I still have just over a month before I start my new job in Missouri, and already I’m fighting the urge to fill every anticipated free moment with an activity of one kind or another after I’ve arrived. I’ve researched intramural sports teams (dodgeball, whiffleball, kickball) in St. Louis. I’ve … Continue reading

These are the People in My Neighborhood

Welcome to Fort Green, Brooklyn. This is a beautiful neighborhood of four-story brownstone buildings, independent markets, restaurants, cafes, and one of New York City’s oldest parks. The skeletons in the closet of this rapidly gentrifying community’s not so distant past include drugs, gangs, and violence. It seems that some of … Continue reading


Photo Credit: Smalltowngirl, June 3, 2008 Sticktuitiveness an unsophisticated term that country people like myself use to describe what New Yorkers would call perseverence, determination, or dedication. I’m beginning to see how that good’ole core Midwestern value of sticktuitiveness is valuable, especially in a city like New York where perseverence, … Continue reading

Baby Owls in Central Park

After an hour of walking through North Central Park, craning my neck upward to search in the trees; and after the group leader lent me his binoculars, I finally saw two baby screech owls perched high up in the trees above our heads. Just as Bob, the bird watch leader, … Continue reading

What are you running from, lady on the street?

What Should I Look for in a Diaper Bag?

I was walking down the hill in front of Brooklyn Hospital on my way to work yesterday morning, taking in the traffic and the bustle of the late-morning commuters. If there were so many people rushing to work at 9 a.m. on a Thursday in Fort Greene, what must Midtown … Continue reading

Plastic Bags

“If it’s possible, I’d like to just put these things inside my bag and save the plastic.” I said this to the clerk at the Atlantic-Pacific Target. I had heard that this was the single most profitable Target in America. I had been in the store a half-dozen times since … Continue reading

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