Diary of Slovenia Day 5

Ljubljana Castle on www.MilliGFunk.com

As I’m writing this post, I’m curled up in bed for our last night in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our stay at the City Hotel has been great, and we spent quite a bit of time on foot today exploring the capital city. Standouts today have been the hotel, our walk to … Continue reading

Day-to-Day Life in Taipei

My Rooftop Apartment in Taipei

My Apartment in Taipei My mattress sits directly on the raised hardwood floor of the corner of my studio apartment I call my bedroom. The rest of the apartment is white quarry-tiled, but my sleeping area is warmer, cozier…wood, not tile. Each morning at 6:15 my pink Motorola Razor phone … Continue reading

Diary of Slovenia Day 4.5: A Traditional Slovenian Evening of Food Dance and Music

A Slovenian Evening Food Dance & Music on www.MilliGFunk.com

One of my favorite parts of our week-long Slovenia trip was a Traditional Slovenian Evening of food, dance, and music. The Traditional Slovenian Evening was held at a restaurant that was less than five minutes’ walk from the City Hotel where we were staying in Ljubljana, so it was convenient and … Continue reading

Diary of Slovenia Day 4: Atlantis Water Park

Outside of Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com

I’m so excited for our night tonight! Right now, both Nick and Small Shaw are napping in our dark hotel room, but I’ve decided to push through. I don’t sleep well at night when I’m pregnant anyway, so a midday nap will probably make me more likely to toss and … Continue reading

The Expat Experience from Five Different Countries in Asia

The Expat Experience from Five Different Countries in Asia

All 18 of us in the program have been in touch through a Google Group since we left our orientation in San Francisco two weeks ago (today marks the end of two weeks in Taipei). It seems that most of the Scholars are gathering entertaining stories to share. Each time … Continue reading

Diary of Slovenia Day 3

A Visit to Predjama Castle, Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com

I’m back today with our Diary of Slovenia Day 3 post. On Day 3 we had breakfast at the Tourist Farm Touristica Kmetija Kosir in Kranjska Gora, toured the Postojna Caves, and visited the Predjama Castle. We finished our day with a drive to the capital city of Slovenia: Ljubljana. If you’d like … Continue reading

Sometimes Rolaids Just Aren’t Enough

Sometimes Rolaids Aren't Enough on www.MilliGFunk.com

Today I went to a special lunch. A lunch in the honor of myself and the other Taiwanese Luce Scholar, E. the Asia Foundation in Taiwan in Taiwan staff wanted to meet us, and we wanted to meet them. This was the perfect opportunity, but let me tell you: sometimes … Continue reading

Diary of Slovenia Day 2: In Photos

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia on www.MilliGFunk.com

Today, I’ve got a Diary of Slovenia Day 2: In Photos for you. We walked more than seven miles in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia on our second day of vacation. We saw manmade waterfalls, dry lake beds, frozen-over lakes, mountains, valleys, skiers, playgrounds, and more. Here’s a photo journal of our … Continue reading

My Very First Bubble Tea

My First Bubble Tea on www.MilliGFunk.com

As part of my Taiwanese culinary adventures, I’ve now eaten at a street-vendor noodle shop and had my very first bubble tea. The noodles were good, but the tea was fun. 🙂 Bubble tea is a very milky tea (in different flavors) with big tapioca balls at the bottom. The … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Time Slows Down for the Carosel

Time Slows Down for the Carosel

This is one of my favorites from a photography club outing at the Nürnberg Christmas Market. The carousel is in the children’s market, and it’s two levels! We had a fun night, shooting, and I learned a little more about my DSLR. #travel #photography #night A photo posted by Melissa … Continue reading

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