The Blue Owl (Kimmswick, Missouri)

I was a lot more excited to write about The Blue Owl before I became violently ill last week with a stomach bug that made it impossible to sit up at a computer, much less write about food. Seven days later, and finally feeling well again, I’m here to tell … Continue reading

Microbreweries, Realizations, and Peace in Letting Go

On December 30th, we sat in Tommyknockers Brewery in Idaho Springs, Colorado. In front of us were ten tiny mugs of beer and copious amounts of food. We’d just spent a day driving to Colorado from Missouri in a four wheel drive pick-up truck, which made my small town self … Continue reading

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar St. Louis

@matthoman and @tojosan gave me the first recommendations of great eating and drinking establishments in St. Louis several months ago. That list has grown, thanks to the contributions made my my readers, and is published here. One of the places on the list that I’ve been most excited to try … Continue reading

Kaldi’s Coffee

Friends and colleagues of mine know that I’m a coffee drinker, and several of them have recommended Kaldi’s Coffee to me  since I moved back to Missouri. On Friday, I gave it a shot (har, har, har…) Kaldi’s is one of two coffee companies in St. Louis that I’m aware … Continue reading

NYC Food Lover Lost in SEMO

I’ve lived in New York City, so it should go without saying that I’m hurting for good food in St. Louis. Or should it? At Friday night’s #stl #tweet-up, @Tojosan and @MattHomann, determined to convince me that St. Louis isn’t just BBQ and steak, drafted a list for me of … Continue reading

Small Town Missouri & BBQ

Baylee Jo’s BBQ & Grill is quite possibly some of the best food I’ve had since moving home. I had a bbq pork sandwich and curly fries. I expected the sandwich to be pulled pork, but it wasn’t. It was sliced pork, and it was really, really good. My friends … Continue reading

Foundation Grounds Coffee

Sitting at Foundation Grounds in Maplewood, intending to work remotely after a morning meeting at Westport, my work servers have crashed, and I’m unable to access emails or files for work. The coffee shop is lovely, with refreshingly happy and down to earth staff (no snobbish yuppy baristas here). There … Continue reading

Vegetarian Food in Cattle Farming Country

After years of eating meat and potatoes at home in Missouri (my grandpa raised cattle during the early part of my life), I went off to college and promptly began experimenting with various forms of vegetarianism (I’m such a bad girl, I know – running a way from home to … Continue reading

Farmington Farmers Market

  I’m a big fan of local produce and homemade foods, so I was excited when the Farmington Farmers Market opened this spring. The market has grown over the past few years, and this spring, there are 10-12 vendors who regularly come out to sell plants, eggs, jellies, soaps, and … Continue reading

Olde Tyme Pantry

Tonight’s blog is one I’ve intended to write for two months, as Olde Tyme Pantry was one of the first places I visited, camera in tow, upon my relocation from NYC to Farmington in late February. The simple concrete and steel frame of Olde Tyme Pantry is complimented by rustic … Continue reading

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