5 Types of OCONUS PCS Shipments & What to Pack in Each

As we prepared for our German PCS, I had trouble finding recommendations on what to pack in hold baggage versus what to put into storage or household goods shipping. Now that we’ve landed in Germany, I hope that I can pass on to you, my friends, what I’ve learned so … Continue reading

5 Tips for Making the Most of Living on Post

In the U.S., Army officers are usually allowed to live off post, but in Germany, on-post housing is now the standard. Yesterday we received confirmation that we’ll be living on the Army installation in a two-bedroom apartment (floor plans here). Of course, we’d prefer to live on the local economy. … Continue reading

First Thursday in Wiesbaden

Happy Thursday! It’s bedtime on Thursday night here in Wiesbaden, and it’s been a good day — our first full one here in Germany. Here are my two big hoorahs for the day: First, I found the fitness center, paid in advance for spin and yoga classes, and got in … Continue reading

Traveling from Wiesbaden

  I’ve started to explore the distances from Wiesbaden — where we’ll be stationed — to various other cities in Europe, and I can feel the travel bug tickling my heart. Very soon, I’ll be closer to Denmark than I am now from my hometown. Witness the rare Melissa, “Squeee!”. I … Continue reading

An OCONUS PCS for the Pup

PCSing with the Pup

One of the questions friends and family have asked us about our PSC to Germany is whether we’ll be able to bring our dog with us. Thankfully, yes, we will. I’ve been prepping Rosie for our international flight and for our arrival in Germany. Today, we had our first military veterinarian … Continue reading

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