The Prague Beer Museum

The Prague Beer Museum

Nick and I hit the road on the day after Thanksgiving for a weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s not a far drive from our home, and we found a good deal on a hotel in the old town. We were able to park our car (for a small price) and … Continue reading

Prague Christmas Market

After Christmas-market-hopping all over the western side of Germany last winter, we decided to check out this year’s Christmas market in Prague, Czech Republic. Our road trip to Prague was a quick and easy one. Once we parked our car at the hotel, we were able to navigate the city easily … Continue reading

Road Trip to Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and it’s only about three hours away from most of the posts in USAG Bavaria. This weekend, we loaded up the SUV and took a family road trip to Prague. The city is absolutely beautiful, with curving cobblestone streets and tall, … Continue reading

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