Dark Was the Night

Disclosure: My best friend works for one of the artists on this album, so my opinion is probably influenced by her talking this album up, pre-release. Last night, I downloaded “Dark Was the Night”, the newly released album produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner from one of my favorite bands, … Continue reading


Photo by Smalltowngirl Photo also OF Smalltowngirl Note to self – use the bathroom before putting on four pair of socks, two pair of gloves, and zipping yourself into your sleeping bag. Between my bladder and the coyotes, I didn’t sleep much last night. (Note the one-eyed, glaze-over stare out … Continue reading

I Like Your Boots

Danielle and I parted ways in Times Square as she headed back to Brooklyn, and I tried to figure out to make it down to @socialmedium’s birthday bash in that sliver of Manhattan between the East Village and the Lower East Side where I’m never exactly what neighborhood I’m really … Continue reading

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