World’s Largest Rocking Chair

Luckily for Missourians, one of the world’s tallest rocking chairs calls our fair state its home. This 42′ 4″ rocker sits only a few miles off of I-44 in Cuba, Missouri, so I made a small detour yesterday on my way home from Jefferson City to check it out. My … Continue reading

SmallTownGirl’s Many Hats

I visited Caledonia, Missouri, population 158, this afternoon. The weather, a muggy 113 degree heat index, was stereotypical of a Missouri summer afternoon. I parked my car along the side of the road and stepped out into a blanket of heat. My first stop was Old Village Mercantile. Dated “Post-1909”, … Continue reading

Caledonia, Missouri

If all goes as planned, I will leave my office at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon and drive to Caledonia, Missouri, a village of less than 200 people, located on Hwy 21 south of Potosi, Missouri. In researching Caledonia tonight, it seems like I’ll find more to explore and photograph than I’d … Continue reading

Blowing Up He-Man

It’s the time of year in Small Town, Missouri when tents are pitched under which bottle rockets and Roman candles and sparklers and M-60s are sold to kids who save their allowances for weeks in order to blow things up on the nation’s anniversary. Like most kids, my brother and … Continue reading

Things are growing in my garden!

I sat on the porch at dusk, drinking a Sam Adams. Not one to stay still for long, I wandered into the garden to put the trellis I bought yesterday in with my berry bushes. Much to my delight, there are already green peppers the size of my thumbs and … Continue reading


  Now that I’m back in Missouri, where there’s no shortage of land to plant on, I’ve been working with my parents to plant a garden. Growing up, we grew strawberries, tomatos, cherry tomatos, cucumbers, and a few green peppers. This year we planted all but the strawberries, as well … Continue reading

Pickle Springs State Natural Area

Last weekend, I hiked in Hawn State Park and took a 20ish-mile bike ride in St. Joe State Park. This weekend, I hit the trails at the 256-acre Pickle Springs State Natural Area in Ste. Genvieve, Missouri. Pickle Springs is a truly beautiful area. As a hiker, you lose the … Continue reading

Hawn State Park

Missouri has an outstanding state park system, with 83 total parks and historic sites. The parks are generally safe and clean, and they hold miles and miles of trails for walking and hiking. Hawn State Park is one of the larger parks in the area. It’s 4,953 acres boast hiking, … Continue reading

Top 10 in Farmington

I’m doing my best to stay up on Darren Rowe’s 31-day challenge to building a better blog. I’m two days behind, and it’s only day five out of thirty-one. In an effort to get caught up, here’s Day 3’s assignment; a list. The top 10 things I’d encourage you to … Continue reading

The Gift in My Mailbox

As I sat huddled over my Mac, creating a last-minute ad that was already three hours past deadline, writer’s block muddled my brain and my half-baked InDesign skills inspired prayers that I never find myself without a capable graphic designer on staff. Hastily, I created a pdf of the ad … Continue reading

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