Blueberry Vodka

On my list of things to do before I celebrate my 30th birthday is learn to make martinis. Considering that I love fresh fruit and that I love to make things from scratch, it’s not far-fetched that I’d attempt making my own blueberry-infused vodka to use in blueberry cocktails (martinis … Continue reading

Back Porch Sittin’

What’s small town life without a porch to sit on when the summer days get longer and there are cold beer and good books to be consumed? When I lived in New York City, I’d sometimes slip, calling my front stoop a front porch. My friends there teased me relentlessly … Continue reading

Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar: Peanut Apple Pretzel Drops

Christmas is four days away, and I’m curled up in my pajamas with several inches of show outside. My best friend and I are spending this snowy December day experimenting with vegan cookie recipes at her parent’s home in the Chicago suburbs. Our cookbook of choice today is “Vegan Cookies … Continue reading

A “Green” Bathroom

One of my smaller goals lately was to paint and decorate my new bathroom in all “green” or repurposed materials. It turns out that “green” is pricey (read: $99 for a hemp shower curtain), so I did a lot more repurposing than I did buying “green”. The bathroom has dated … Continue reading

Fish Fries and Tall Tales

I was invited to join my parents at a fish fry in Coffman, Missouri in another family’s large shed/garage/barn.  Inside the barn, we listened to the men recount the day’s deer hunting adventures while we ate fried blue gill, potatoes and macaroni & cheese. I sipped a Bud Light Wheat; a fire … Continue reading


A year ago, I walked to the Fort Greene Farmers Market to buy pumkins and hot apple cider for homemade pumpkin soup. This year I went to Eckert’s Farm in Ellisville, Illinois as part of the #stlappletweetup. I took a bit of time after picking apples to photograph the amazing pumpkins … Continue reading

The Ghostbusters Car in Richwoods, MO

Wikipedia lists Richwoods, Missouri as an “unincorporated community”, not a town. Richwoods was my Friday night destination of choice, and surprisingly, exploring it was a nice distraction from how much I miss my Friday nights in New York City. Richwoods is in northern Washington County, Missouri. I would tell you … Continue reading

Pedestrian Traffic

On Sunday afternoon, I took a walk through downtown Farmington, Missouri. There was practically no automobile traffic, and there was even less pedestrian traffic. Downtown Small Town, Missouri still shuts down on Sundays. As I walked down Main Street, the occassional driver passing by in their truck or car craned … Continue reading

Candy Cane Dog

One of the best parts of living back in Small Town, Missouri is having a dog again. I love New York City, but a 200 square-foot apartment is no place for a dog to live. Today was my family dog’s monthly grooming appointment. Each time she’s groomed, she comes home in … Continue reading

$0.50 For a Picture with KISS

On Friday night, I went to my first Relay for Life in ten years or so. My week was lousy. Work was indescribably stressful, and by Friday night I was ready for a stiff drink or a little bit of self-pity. When my friend Mandi called to invite me to … Continue reading

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